PLAGIARISM means presenting as one's own work the work of another, and includes the copying or paraphrasing of another person's work in an assessment item without acknowledging it as the other person's work through full and accurate referencing; it applies to assessment presented through a written, spoken, electronic, broadcasting, visual, performance or other medium. (Assessment Regulations, University of Waikato Calendar)

Academic integrity requires that all assessment items are your own work or are properly sourced. Therefore the University has strict rules about "plagiarism", the correct acknowledgement and referencing of the sources of the content of assignments (such as books, articles, lectures, readings and the internet), and the use of other students' work.

You commit plagiarism when you submit an assessment item with any of the following behaviours:

Copying any material and including it into an assignment without appropriate acknowledgment

  • Copying text word for word from any printed or electronic source such as a website, book or journal article without correct acknowledgment and citation of the source;
  • Paraphrasing or summarising the text without correct acknowledgment and citation of the source;
  • Copying images, sounds, tables, graphics, research results, computer programmes, statistical data, ideas, concepts without correct acknowledgment and citation of the source;
  • Using information from a website without providing the URL or name of the website in the text of your assignment.

Copying from another student

  • Copying all or part of someone else’s internal assignment;
  • Having someone else to do all or part of an assessment item for you, including paying another person to do your assignment.

Asking or letting a ‘third party’ help with your assignment

You are permitted to discuss your assignment topics and resources with other people or to have someone read your assignment to correct the grammar or spelling. You must not allow others to provide content unless this is correctly and fully acknowledged and cited as a source.

Submitting all or part of previously completed assignments

A grade for an assessment item is only given once. Therefore, unless the lecturer gives permission, you must not re-use material from a previously marked assessment item. This applies even if the assessment item received a fail grade and you are repeating the same paper. You can ask your lecturer for permission to re-use assignments or parts of the assignment.

Using material from commercial essay or assignment services, including the Internet

Buying or otherwise acquiring essays, answers or ideas and using them in assessment items is prohibited.

Working in groups or collaborating and copying other people's ideas or words

Assignments are to be completed independently, unless the assignment instructions permit group or team work. You are encouraged to use a study group to learn concepts and practice answers but the final assignment must be completed independently, reflecting your own knowledge and understanding, with all sources of information fully acknowledged.