Why would I be referred to the Student Discipline Committee?

You would be referred to the Student Discipline Committee if someone considers that you have behaved in a way that breaches one or more of the University's Regulations and they have made a formal written complaint about it to the Student Discipline Committee.

At the time of enrolment you (and all students) are required to sign a Student Declaration agreeing to abide by the regulations of the University of Waikato, as published in the Calendar.

The paper outline for each of your papers also contains information about the regulations relevant to your programme of study and it is your responsibility to be aware of these regulations. Anyone can make a complaint about a student's behaviour but only enrolled students are subject to disciplinary procedures.

A finding of misconduct against a student can have serious and long-term consequences, so it is important that if a complaint is made against you, you take it seriously and respond appropriately. See Decision and Outcomes for more information.