Chaplaincy Support

Br Andrew McKean

Brother Andrew McKean
Ecumenical Chaplain
Email: [email protected]
DDI: (07) 858 5654
Mob: 022 066 9783

Brother Andrew is the Ecumenical Chaplain, a pastor or minister available for the pastoral support of staff and students irrespective of their background or beliefs. Ordained (trained and licensed) as an Anglican minister, he belongs to the Waikato Interfaith Council, and has a Bachelor of Theology and a DipGrad in Religious Studies. He is particularly interested in issues around the Church and Postmodern Culture, and in Interfaith Work generally. Brother Andrew oversees all bookings for the Lady Goodfellow Chapel in Hamilton. He visits Tauranga roughly once a fortnight - please email or message him to make an appointment for his next visit.

Father JP (Juan Pedro) Maldonado
Roman Catholic Chaplain
Email: [email protected]
Ph:   (07) 838 4466 ext 8575
Mob: 021 090 00125

Father JP (Juan Pedro) is the Roman Catholic Chaplain and is also available to all staff and students. Besides his training in the Ecclesiastical Sciences (holding a PhD in Christian Philosophy), he has exercised his pastoral activity in Spain, Italy, Kenya and Australia, mainly among young people. All are welcome to a friendly chat to share your joys, sorrows and hopes. You can arrange a meeting by email ([email protected]) or knock on his door at the Lady Goodfellow Chapel. He is normally on campus Monday to Friday.