This is a more in-depth grading method that enables you to attach many types of feedback files and/or detailed comments.

If you only need to enter a grade (and optionally a short comment), you can also use Quick Grading.

For the most comprehensive grading and feedback options, see Feedback Studio.

  1. In your Moodle paper, select the Assignment.

    red rectangle highlighting the words "assignment 1" on a wide screen shot

  2. Select the Grade button.

    black rectangle highlight red grade button on assignment page

  3. Enter the grade in the Grade text box at the bottom left of your screen.

    grade textbox assignment grade page enter grade
  4. Optionally, in the Feedback comments box at the bottom of the screen, add feedback (as a file or plain text, depending on the settings of the assignment).

    feedback comments textbox assignment grade page enter feedback
  5. Scroll down and select Save changes or Save and show next.

    red buttons for Save changes and Save and show next

    Students will be able to see their grades immediately if you do not have marking workflow enabled in the Assignment settings, or when you release the grades if you do have workflow enabled. Marking workflow is enabled by default in new Assignments.
    If you tick the Notify student box, they will also receive an email notification when you release the grades
  6. To navigate between users (students) either:
    • Use the left/right arrows at the top right of the page either side of Change user.

      change user arrows assignment grade page select arrow
    • OR at the top right of the page, select the down arrow to the right of Change user, then select a student from the drop-down list.
      change user dropdown menu assignment grade page select drop down arrow

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