Manual Grading is used primarily to mark Essay-type quiz questions, and can also be used to check and adjust previously marked or automatically marked questions.

After you have finished marking a Quiz, you will need to release quiz grades.

Access manual grading

  1. Select the relevant quiz from the Moodle paper page.

  2. Under the name of the quiz, select the Results tab.

  1. Select the Grades drop-down menu at the top left, then select Manual grading. A list of questions that need grading should display.

    If you are marking essay-type questions, you can also select Download essay submissions from this menu.

Grade an ungraded question

  1. Select grade to the right of the question in the To grade column. This allows for marking by question rather than by student.
  2. At the bottom left, in the Mark box, enter a mark for each student's attempt of the selected question. You can enter or upload feedback via the Comment box. Then, below the Comment box, select Save and go on to the next page.

Review automatically graded or already graded questions

  1. Select the quiz, then the Results tab, then Manual grading as in steps 1 to 3 above, then under Questions that need grading select  Also show questions that have been graded automatically. This shows you ungraded, manually graded, and automatically graded questions.

  2. Select update grades.
  3. Update, then Save as in the Grade ungraded questions section above.
  • At the top of the grade and update grades pages, the Order attempts menu allows you, for example, to order the quiz attempts by date, first name or last name:

  • You can also review and update quiz grades by selecting the edit cog icon, then Results or Grades. This method allows you to Regrade all, or Dry run a full regrade, or select individual students for review.
  • Regrade all is useful if a quiz containing an incorrect question has been run, or if a question has been incorrectly graded for all students. If this happens, you can edit the incorrect question, then update the marks for that question. Please note that this method will delete both automatically assigned grades, and any previously manually entered grades.

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