Wizard 2: Create Gradebook Categories

See the Grading page for a gradebook example.

Tutorial Video


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. At the top right of your Moodle paper, toggle Edit mode on.

  2. At the top left of your paper, under the paper name, select the Paper Setup Wizards tab.

  3. Select Wizard 2: Create Gradebook Categories.
  4. Enter or edit the assessment categories. If required, you can also edit category names when you review your gradebook with Review Gradebook.


    a. To include a Grade category in your gradebook, tick the box to the left of its name.


    b. Enter the Weight of the grade category. Your category weights should Total 100.


    c. If a Grade category will not contribute to the final grade, tick the Assessment for feedback box to the right of  each category.


    d. If you need to add a category, select  Add another category at the bottom left.


    e. Select Next at the bottom right of the page.



  • Assessment items need to be in categories so the marks can be transferred to the student management system. Your category weights should Total 100.
  • The Wizard will now lead you through adding a new assessment item. If you only wish to create or edit your gradebook categories at this stage, select Exit at the bottom left of the Add new assessment item page.


Add a new assessment item

  1. Select the assessment type, Assessment for final grade or Assessment for feedback, then at the bottom right of the page select Next.

    An assessment for feedback is formative, it is not graded or the grade does not count towards the paper total. 

  2. Select the assessment type, then at the bottom right of the page select Next.


    If you need assessment items that allow you to enter grades in Moodle, but students do not submit anything via Moodle, you can either select Other item, or select Assignment, then when you edit the assignment Settings untick all permitted student submission types.

  3. Enter an assessment Name.

  4. Enter the Availability dates.

    if you set a Cut-off date students cannot upload files after the date set.
  5. Make any required changes to the remaining settings and then at the bottom right of the page select Next.

    Under Grade, the maximum mark is set to 100 by default. You can change this to any number that suits you without affecting the assessment weighting.

  6. Enter the Assessment item weighting. The relative weighting of each assessment item within its gradebook category, in combination with the weighting of the category total, determines how much each assessment item contributes to the paper score.

  7. Open the Grade category drop-down menu, then select the relevant gradebook category.

  8. Finally, select Complete at the bottom right of the screen.

To create more assessment items, you can follow this process again or use Wizard 3:  Add Assessment Items.

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