Special Examination Arrangements to Sit Examinations at Another Time or at Another Location

If, due to exceptional circumstances beyond your control you cannot sit your examination(s) at the normal scheduled time, or you are unable to sit your examination(s) at the normal scheduled location on the date of your examination(s), you may apply for permission to sit the examination(s) at another time or at another location in New Zealand or overseas.

For further information on the regulations for special arrangements, refer to the Assessment Regulations in the University of Waikato Calendar.

Who can apply for special arrangements?

Arrangements to sit examinations at another time or at another location are granted only in  exceptional circumstances, when compelling reasons exist, and where adequate supervision can be arranged.

You must state in your application reasons why you cannot sit the relevant examination(s) at the scheduled time or location, and you must provide satisfactory documentary evidence to support your application. For example, if you are representing New Zealand in a particular sport, you will need to provide a letter from the sports organisation advising your selection, and a copy of your itinerary and travel booking arrangements.

If your application is approved:

  1. you will need to pay the standard administration charge of $50.00 before the arrangement can be made. You may also need to pay all costs for supervision and other charges related to arranging the examination (including courier charges);
  2. and if you are sitting the examination at another time, you will be required to sit the examination within 48 hours before, or after, the normal scheduled time;
  3. and if you are sitting the examination at another location, you will be required to sit the examination at the scheduled date and time. It is your responsibility to find and provide details of the proposed examination venue - usually another University - and the name and address of a contact person at that venue;
  4. you will be required to sign a statutory declaration swearing an oath that you will not discuss the examination content with any other person who has knowledge of, or interest in, the contents of the examination.

How to apply

Application forms will be made available to complete online when the final exam timetable has been released. To view your exam timetable please login to your MyWaikato > Go to the "Timetable" tab >  Select "Exam timetable list".

Tauranga OOT/OL: Complete this form if you wish to sit at the University of Waikato’s Tauranga campus at the same time as scheduled in the University of Waikato Examinations Timetable, (with the $50.00 administration charge waived).

General OOT/OL: Complete this form for all other locations or times

The Student Centre must receive your application by the following deadlines:

  • A Semester - the fourth Friday in May
  • B Semester - the first Friday in October
  • Summer Semester - the last Friday in January

If you need help with completing the form, or you need further information on special examination arrangements, contact staff in the Student Centre on 0800 WAIKATO or email at [email protected] with OOTOLS in the subject heading.