Special Consideration for Impaired Performance or Missed Examination

Special Consideration is available to students who are either:

  1. prevented from sitting University examinations due to circumstances beyond their control;
  2. are seriously impaired in either their examination performance;
  3. are seriously impaired in their preparation for an examination.

For missed or impaired performance in items of internal assessment, including tests, assignments, or presentations, applications should be made in writing to the examiner (Lecturer) of the relevant paper no later than three days after the date on which the item of internal assessment is due. The Exams Office is responsible for the special consideration process for formal examinations only. Please read the following information if you wish to apply for Special Consideration for a formal examination.

For further information on the regulations for special consideration, refer to the Assessment Regulations in the University of Waikato Calendar.

Who can apply for Special Consideration?

You may apply for Special Consideration if your situation falls under one of the three provisions below:

  1. absence from an examination - you have been prevented from sitting an examination by circumstances beyond your control;
  2. serious impairment to examination performance - you consider your examination performance has been seriously impaired by illness, injury, personal bereavement or any other critical circumstance;
  3. serious impairment to examination preparation - you consider your examination preparation has been seriously affected by an illness or trauma, for which you are under continuous and well documented care by a qualified person, e.g. a medical practitioner. To make an application under this provision you must demonstrate that effective preparation for the examination was not possible in the two weeks immediately before it.

Applications for special consideration must include supporting documentary evidence.

How to apply

Applications for Special Consideration are submitted online through your MyWaikato Portal - Results Tab - Apply for exam Special  Consideration

To apply for Special Consideration you must consult either a registered medical or dental practitioner, midwife, registered psychologist or counsellor as soon as possible, but within five working days of the examination affected.

Before you visit you practitioner, psychologist or counsellor, please download this Section B form to be filled out by them as it is compulsory for your application. At the time of your appointment, you can request all documents required. If you are registered with the University of Waikato Student Health Services you will only need to provide a section B form with your application.

If you are registered with any external medical or counselling practice you will need to provide their clinician notes from your visit as well as the completed and signed section B form.

Before you apply please familiarise yourself with the following application types and the evidence required:


Where an absence of examination or impaired performance is due to a medical incident causing the student to seek medical attention.

Evidence Required: Clinical notes/summary and a completed Section B form.


Where an absence of examination or impaired performance is related to mental health and the student has sought counselling, therapy or advice from a GP.

Evidence Required: Clinical notes/summary and a completed Section B form.


Where an absence of examination or impaired performance is impacted by reasons other than medical or compassionate. E.g bereavement , IT issues during exam.

Evidence Required: Any relevant evidence to support your application

If you need help with completing the form or you need further information on special consideration, contact staff in the Student Centre on 0800 WAIKATO or email [email protected]

Tauranga students can contact our Student Services staff at The Hub on 07 262 0500.

All applications will be on hold until the required documents have been provided to the Exams Office.  If you do not submit the required evidence for your application within 5 business days of your exam and before the final Special Consideration Meeting (6 working days after the last scheduled examination), the Exams Office will have to withdraw your application.