Graduation at the ASB Arena, Tauranga

Holy Trinity


Public Parking is available at the ASB Arena free of charge. Further details on parking will be included in the graduation information pack sent to graduands.

Graduation Procedure

You should arrive one hour before your ceremony is due to commence, and make your way upstairs to the student registration area. Please leave all coats and other personal belongings with friends or family.

When you arrive at the registration and marshalling area there will be a number of boards with marshalling lists on them. It is important that you look up your name, which will be listed in alphabetical order under the qualification you are receiving. Next to your name will be a letter and a number. This letter and number is your graduation number. The graduation number refers to the order in which you will go on to the stage to have your qualification conferred. It is important you find your graduation number as soon as you arrive. It will assist you to find your correct place in the marshalling lines. University staff will be there to help you.

Ten minutes before the ceremony is due to commence, the procession will be led from the marshalling area to proceed downstairs and into the arena. The procession will wait there until the processional music commences.

Marshals will advise when to enter and will guide graduands to their places in the reserved section. Graduands should remain standing until all members of the procession have reached their seats. Everyone will then be seated.

Each row of graduands will take its cue to rise from the marshal in the aisle who will lead each row (in strict numerical order) to the steps at the foot of the stage on the left-hand side of the arena.

The graduands will be announced for a particular qualification (e.g. "to the Degree of Bachelor of Arts").

When your name is called, cross to the centre of the stage to the Chancellor. Graduands should hold their mortarboards in their left hand held right side up with the front towards the Chancellor. Pass it to the Chancellor who will cap you with your own mortarboard and then shake hands. As a graduate you will then walk across the stage to the Vice-Chancellor/Dean who will hand you your certificate and shake your hand. It is at this point you will have your photograph taken. Proceed down the stairs and return to your seat.

Those receiving diplomas or certificates will be called in the same way as for degrees and will shake hands with the Chancellor, receive the diploma or certificate from the Dean, shake hands and then walk back to their seats. The Chancellor does not 'cap' diploma or certificate recipients.

At the conclusion of the ceremony a marshal will indicate to you when you are to process out of the arena.

City Procession

Read details for the city procession here

Regalia Hire

The Academic Dress Hire staff will be available on site at ASB Arena from 9.30 a.m.  Please ensure you have arranged your regalia hire before you arrive.

Additional Tickets

All graduands at the ASB Arena are allocated two guest passes free of charge. You are welcome to purchase additional tickets from Eventfinda if you have more than two guests attending. Graduands themselves do not require a ticket.


All graduating students and their guests are invited to an informal social gathering after each of the ceremonies. Light refreshments will be served and you can mingle with academic staff and other graduates. There is no admission fee.