Health Advice

Below is some advice about common health conditions as well as information about the Healthline Symptom Checker app.

Healthline Symptom Checker

The Healthline Symptom Checker is available online or for download for iPhone or iPad users only. It allows you to enter your symptoms on a body map or search by name from a list e.g. ‘knee injury’.

Once the symptoms have been found, courses of action are suggested. Based on the type and severity of the illness, that could be to call an ambulance, see the doctor within 24 hours, or advice on how to manage the condition at home.

Refer to the Ministry of Health for more detailed information on individual conditions.

If you do not find the information you are looking for, contact the Student Health Centre or Student Health Nurse.


The Ministry of Health recommends Meningococcal Vaccination for all teenagers and young adults living in the halls of residence or flatting. For more information, see leaflet, drop in at Student Health to speak to a nurse, call 0800 IMMUNE or check out the Ministry of Health’s website.

Smoking Cessation Support

It is not easy to stop smoking but we know that getting the right support can greatly increase your chance of success. Cessation support is a combination or behavioural support and stop-smoking medicine that works best.

We have a designated nurse who specialises in helping you quit. Simply make an appointment with Student Health to discuss your options.

Quitline can all offer you help and support.

Drug and Alcohol Support

Illegal drugs and alcohol can have very serious consequences on your mental and physical well being. The NZ Drug Foundation is an accurate and current source of evidence-based information on all drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), their effects and the laws and policies that control their distribution and use.

We realise that university is a time where experimentation with drugs and increased intake of alcohol is all too common. We are here to offer non-judgemental support and help. Our counselling service is also there to help. Please make an appointment if you feel you need help.

Alternatively, contact the Alcohol Drug Helpline on 0800 787 797 or free test ‘adh’ to 234 and they will text you back. The helpline is open 10am - 10pm everyday and offers free confidential information, insight and support with any problem, issue or query you have about your own or someone else's drinking or drug use.