Information regarding Common Conditions

Online Management of Your Health

Student Health in Hamilton are now offering all enrolled patients the freedom to manage your health and wellness  online anytime, anywhere.

You're in control. ManageMyHealth gives you access to view  your lab results, order repeat prescriptions and book appointments online.  Please come in and ask your doctor, nurse or receptionist about this exciting  new free service.

Healthline Symptom Checker App For Your Smart Phone

You can now use your iPhone or iPad to identify symptoms and decide what to do about them. The Healthline Symptom Checker lets you enter your symptoms on a body map or search by name from a list e.g. ‘knee injury’.

Once the symptoms have been found, courses of action are suggested. Based on the type and severity of the illness, that could be to call an ambulance, see the doctor within 24 hours, or advice on how to manage the condition at home.

Download the app here.

Please refer to Ministry of Health Website for more detailed information on individual conditions.

If you do not find what you are looking for please contact the Student Health Team for more help.

Depression and Anxiety

Mental health issues are very common and we are here to help and support you. Please contact the medical team or counselling services if you are concerned about your mental health.

CALM Auckland is an excellent website which has been developed for Auckland University Students and has some great resources. is also a useful resource and can be used to help you manage your mental health and know when to seek advice.


The Ministry of Health recommends Meningococcal Vaccination for all teenagers and young adults living in halls of residence or flatting. For more information see leaflet, drop in to Student Health to speak to a nurse, call 0800 IMMUNE or check out