Protect Yourself Against Measles

Measles cases reported on our Campuses (updated 20 September 2019):

  • Hamilton – 2
  • Tauranga – 0

There is currently a measles outbreak in New Zealand. While the majority of cases are in Auckland, there have been some cases reported in Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

Therefore, we are urging staff and students to be vigilant in order to keep themselves safe and prevent spreading of the disease.

Follow these five safety reminders:

  1. Ring your doctor to check you have been immunised.

  2. If you have not, book in to get your immunisation. It's FREE.

  3. If you believe you have been exposed to measles or have symptoms, do not go into your doctor's office - phone first.

  4. If you believe you have been exposed to measles or have symptoms, and you are not immune, stay home until you are no longer infectious.

  5. If you have been on campus while potentially infectious, please report this to your manager (staff), head of division (academics) or student health centre / nurse (students) so that we can warn and protect others.

The early symptoms of measles include one or more of the following: runny nose, fever, cough and sore red eyes. A rash follows several days after the first symptoms. If you catch measles, you're infectious from 5 days before and until 5 days after the rash appears.

Students can contact the student health centre / nurse on campus with any questions or concerns:

The following links provide further information: