Extension to Submission

Doctoral candidates are normally expected to submit a thesis for examination after a minimum period of three years full-time enrolment, and up to four years full-time enrolment, or an equivalent of part-time or mixed mode enrolment to a maximum duration of eight years. MPhil candidates  are expected to submit within two years full-time or four years part-time enrolment.

Candidates seeking to extend study beyond the normal expectations should be aware that:

  • extending research over long periods increases the risk that the work will be overtaken by the research and publication of other researchers and it may become increasingly difficult to convince examiners that the candidate has made on original contribution to knowledge
  • extensions are also more likely to cause difficulties related to continued availability of resources and supervision

However, a candidate in the final stages of the thesis work and approaching the deadline for submission may face circumstances beyond his/her control and be unable to complete the thesis within the time limit. It is then appropriate to apply to the Postgraduate Research Committee for an extension of time.

An application for extension of time is considered on its merits but is normally granted only when the thesis is very close to completion and more time is required for its physical preparation and presentation.

Candidates are able to apply for 12 months full-time equivalent of extension in total throughout their enrolment in a higher degree.