Full-Time or Part-Time Status Change

Domestic candidates can enrol under full-time or part-time status and may apply to change this status at any time during their enrolment in higher research degree study. The final submission date will be adjusted to reflect the status change.  Candidates who would like to change their status should seek advice from the Scholarships Office regarding any implications for their scholarships, or from the Research & Enterprise Office or their sponsoring agency such as MFAT, ODA or research contract as appropriate.

International Doctor of Philosophy domestic fees entitlement

International Doctor of Philosophy candidates enrolled in recognised research programmes at New Zealand universities may qualify for domestic student status. To hold domestic student status, international Doctor of Philosophy candidates must be resident in New Zealand during their study, except for temporary absences for the purposes of their research (conducting research and fieldwork appropriate to their course of study). The University defines a 'temporary absence' as no more than 12 months in total during the period of their candidature. A candidate enrolled in a New Zealand university but remaining resident overseas does not have domestic student status.

It is the responsibility of the Chief Supervisor and Faculty/School to advise students of this policy in the first instance, and liaise with the School of Graduate Research regarding matters of concern and further clarification.

International candidates studying on a study permit/student visa in New Zealand may only enrol full-time.

International candidates enrolled in the Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Education do not qualify for the domestic fees entitlement, and will be required to pay full-time international tuition fees.