Suspension of Enrolment

Higher research degree study requires prolonged and concentrated commitment. A significant break may cause a serious setback to a programme. However, the University recognises that circumstances and events may require a candidate to take a temporary break from study, and the University seeks to ensure that a candidate is not penalised by such suspensions of enrolment.

Candidates are able to apply for 12 months full-time equivalent suspension in total throughout their enrolment in a higher degree. Candidates who would like to request a suspension of enrolment should seek advice from the Scholarships Office regarding any implications for their scholarships, or from the Research & Enterprise Office or their sponsoring agency such as MFAT, ODA or research contract as appropriate.

Retrospective suspensions are not not likely to be approved by the Postgraduate Research Committee. Therefore, candidates requiring a suspension are strongly advised to submit an application at the point when they are aware that they are unable to devote appropriate time to their studies, due to extenuating circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: During a period of suspension, the candidate will cease to have rights of access to university resources related to the thesis project, including access to the library. No fees will be payable during this time. A credit or refund of fees may be possible if they have already been paid.

The final submission date will be extended to incorporate the suspension time. Accumulated suspension periods must not exceed 12 full-time equivalent months.

If, after a period of suspension, the candidate subsequently decides not to return to the programme of study, the only formality required to withdraw enrolment will be a notification to the School of Graduate Research.

International candidates

International candidates are able to apply for 12 months full-time equivalent suspension in total throughout their enrolment in a higher research degree.

However, it is important to note that international candidates are only eligible to reside in New Zealand while on suspension for a maximum of three months, over a 12 month period. Time on suspension within New Zealand beyond three months will affect a student visa.

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