Current Doctoral Students

Current StudentsOn this page you will find detailed information about the life cycle of doctoral study. This information takes you from conditional enrolment through to confirmation of enrolment, and covers the necessities of annual re-enrolment and progress reporting. There is also information available for those who are considering studying off-campus, or for international candidates who plan to travel overseas while enrolled. We encourage all research degree candidates to become familiar with the code of conduct that relates to research.

If you have any questions regarding doctoral study, our School of Graduate Research staff are more than happy to chat over your options with you.

Doctoral life cycle

  1. Conditional enrolment (6 months full-time equivalent)
    This period of time focuses on developing the initial research proposal into a full research proposal and gaining ethical approval
  2. Confirmed enrolment
    After six months of full time equivalent enrolment, you will present your full research proposal and apply to reach confirmed enrolment
  3. Progress reports
    All full-time and part-time doctoral and Master of Philosophy candidates are required to compete six monthly progress reports
  4. Annual re-enrolment
    All higher degree candidates must re-enrol annually; this is usually on the anniversary of your first enrolment in the degree
  5. Submission for examination
    After three years minimum full time equivalent enrolment, a candidate will submit their thesis for examination
  6. Written examination
    Candidates remain fully enrolled under zero fees while they wait for their examiners to provide reports and recommendations
  7. Oral examination
    Where both examiners recommend that the candidate proceed to oral exam, the Chief Supervisor will make arrangements for the oral to take place
  8. Submission for completion
    Following the oral exam and attending to any indicated amendments to the thesis, a candidate will submit their final thesis for completion to the School of Graduate Research
  9. Graduation
    Congratulations on completing your doctoral study