Enrolment and Payment of Fees

Candidates are advised by email when their application to study a higher research degree has been approved; this will be accompanied by a formal offer letter valid for 12 months. This letter may detail conditions of entry that the candidate is required to meet. Attached to the letter is an Acceptance Slip that is to be completed and returned to the School of Graduate Research. The Acceptance Slip allows candidates to identify their chosen start date and their intended enrolment status (full-time or part-time).

Candidates who have been required to and subsequently met any additional conditions of entry, will be sent an updated formal offer letter detailing their start date. At this time domestic candidates will also be sent an Enrolment Agreement. International candidates will be issued with an Enrolment Agreement once they have provided verified copies of all appropriate documents required, along with a valid student visa.

The Enrolment Agreement is the contract of agreement between the candidate and the University of Waikato and must always be signed and returned, even when the fees are covered by a scholarship or stipend, whether provided by the University or from an external source.

Subsequent fees will be invoiced annually from the anniversary of initial enrolment, providing that the six monthly progress reports have been completed and any problems identified in the progress reporting have been satisfactorily resolved.

Further information regarding fees is available for international candidates and domestic candidates.
All fees include GST.