Overseas Travel

Domestic candidates

Domestic doctoral candidates (NZ citizens and NZ Permanent Residents) are permitted to travel overseas for research purposes during their programme of study, after reaching confirmed enrolment.

International candidates

International doctoral candidates are required to inform the University of all overseas travel while enrolled.
To remain eligible for domestic fees, only temporary absences are permitted and only for the purpose of doctoral research.
It is important to note that:

  1. Absence must be no more than twelve months, either accumulated or a block over the duration of the higher degree programme of study;
  2. The twelve month rule does not include time taken as annual leave.

Annual leave

A candidate may spend up to four weeks per year on annual leave while enrolled, arranged in consultation with their Chief Supervisor; and that leave may be taken overseas.
Where personal leave is for a period of four weeks or greater, it will be necessary to apply for a suspension of enrolment.

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Any international candidate (excluding NZ citizens and NZ Permanent Residents) wishing to travel overseas while enrolled, must complete a Doctoral Overseas Travel Form
Doctoral candidates who wish to suspend their enrolment need to complete a Change of Conditions on MyWaikato.