Reporting Progress

It is a requirement for continued enrolment in doctoral and MPhil degree study at the University of Waikato that all candidates complete 6 monthly progress reporting, whether they are under full-time or part-time enrolment.

Reporting starts at varying stages, dependant on the qualification:
* PhD/DMA/MPhil candidates report 6 monthly from the start of their programme of study
* EdD/SJD candidates report 6 monthly during Part 2 of their programme of study

A link to the online progress reporting system will be emailed to each candidate by the School of Graduate Research, at the start of the month in which the progress report is due. Access is also available for staff and candidates through MyWaikato.

Candidates are expected to provide an assessment of their previous 6 months work, and a plan for the following 6 months work.  For PhD/DMA candidates first enrolled after 1 August 2017, progress towards reaching confirmed enrolment should be assessed in their first progress report.

The report will move automatically through the online system as each participant submits their part, starting with the Candidate Evaluation. From there the report will move on to the Chief Supervisor, then the Supervisor/s followed by a Candidate Acknowledgement. Each report will be endorsed by the Chair of Department/Head of School and Associate Dean (Postgraduate).

Completed reports are processed by the School of Graduate Research and a final PDF copy will be sent to the candidate and supervisory panel. The online reporting system allows all parties to the report to check the status of the report at any time.

Reports which evaluate the candidate as performing 'below expectations' will be brought to the attention of the Dean of the School of Graduate Research.

Candidates who have any concerns affecting their ability to make full comments in their progress report, should preferably approach the Chair of Department/Head of School or the Associate Dean (Postgraduate), or if necessary the School of Graduate Research in confidence, to discuss those concerns.

The preparation of progress reports and the goal setting and goal attainment evaluation is an important aspect of continued enrolment in higher research degrees. The Postgraduate Research Committee may terminate the enrolment of a candidate who does not provide progress reports in a timely manner or whose progress is recorded in such reports as below expectations