Submission for Completion

Deposit of thesis copies following oral exam

Once the degree has been awarded, two hard bound copies of the thesis are to be provided to the School of Graduate Research, along with a Hard bound Submission form and Library Authorisation form.

In addition to providing two copies of their hard bound thesis, all higher degree candidates are required to make a digital deposit of their thesis to Research Commons (for help contact the Library +64 7 838 4111).

If a candidate is required to produce additional copies of the thesis, as for example when the research has been supervised by staff within two Faculties/Schools, the candidate may expect to access the Statement of Expectations to cover the additional cost, should sufficient funds remain.

Candidates may wish to offer their supervisor a personal copy and arrange copies for personal use.

Award of the degree and graduation

Once the candidate submits the hard bound copies and electronic copies of the thesis and the associated forms, the requirements for the degree are complete.

Successful candidates will then be sent a link to an application form for the conferment of the degree. Graduands have the choice of graduating at one of the University graduation ceremonies, or of having their degree awarded in absentia at a meeting of the University Council.

On conferment of the degree the candidate can use the title 'Dr'.

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All candidates wishing to submit a completed MPhil/PhD/EdD/DMA/SJD thesis in fulfilment of the award must complete a Hard Bound Submission Form, as well as a Library Authorisation Form.
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Please note that a hard bound thesis is in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree.