Chief Supervisor Responsibilities

EthicsTo become familiar with, and abide by, the University's regulations and procedures governing ethical behaviour in research.
Full Research Plan To assist the candidate to prepare a full research plan (in association with co-supervisors) that can be completed and written up within the prescribed period of study, and to seek approval for that proposal
Facilities & research activities To arrange for the candidate to be made familiar with the facilities and research activities of the Faculty/School
Social & intellectual life To encourage the candidate to play a full part in the social and intellectual life of the department and Faculty/School
6 monthly plans To establish with the candidate a plan for research at the beginning of each six-monthly period, using the online pro forma approved by the Postgraduate Research Committee as a guide, in which the work completed, the programme of supervision and the resources required are specified
Contact As a general guideline, students working on campus should have the opportunity of discussing their work with a supervisor, or of exchanging email messages if the student is in a remote location, at least once per month
Replacement supervisor To arrange, in consultation with the Chair of Department/Head of School and Associate Dean (Postgraduate), for a replacement supervisor if the Chief Supervisor is absent for a period exceeding 4 weeks
Checking progress To assist the candidate by regularly checking the records of data and observations and suggesting improvements where appropriate
Revising objectives To discuss work accomplished with the candidate and to revise the research objectives as the work proceeds in the light of progress made and other external factors (such as unexpected discoveries and newly published findings of other researchers)
Discussing progress To advise the candidate of concern at the earliest opportunity if the candidate falls behind expected progress and to actively assist the candidate to improve
Constructive criticism & advice To provide constructive criticism and advice on submitted written drafts within timeframes agreed
Help for candidate To inform the candidate that he/she may approach the Chair of Department/Head of School or the Associate Dean (Postgraduate), as appropriate, to discuss any matters related to his/her supervision
Completion To facilitate timely completion of the candidate's study and ultimate completion of the thesis
Oral examination To support the candidate in the preparation for and at the oral examination

Administrative responsibilities

Progress reportsTo maintain a record of the progress of the candidate and to report at the end of each six-monthly period the student's progress and experience of supervision
Nomination of external examinersTo recommend to the Postgraduate Research Committee, within the required timeframe, the name(s) of external examiner(s) after consultation with any co-supervisors and possibly the candidate
Other reportsTo submit to the Chair of Department/Head of School and the Associate Dean (Postgraduate) any reports about the candidate's progress as required by University/Faculty/School procedures
To keep a brief summary and record of the major supervision meetings (it is recognised that the nature and timing of supervision is greatly influenced by the type of research being undertaken, but it is important that there be a plan of supervision, and a record of it)
To advise the Chair of Department/Head of School and the Associate Dean (Postgraduate) if the candidate continues not to meet expected progress and to seek advice on, or assistance with, action to be taken
Report on the thesis following submission

Following submission of the thesis the Chief Supervisor must submit a written report to the Postgraduate Research Committee confirming that:

  • the work presented in the thesis is that of the candidate and that any contribution from another person has been properly identified by the candidate
  • ethical approval was obtained for the research undertaken (if required)
  • any factors which may have influenced the work of the candidate, along with
  • any comments on the candidate's performance and the quality of the thesis.

This report is additional to the Soft Bound Submission Form. It is usually prepared after consultation with, and endorsement by, any appointed co-supervisors.

Health & SafetyTo check that health and safety requirements are carried out in accordance with University/Faculty/School procedures and that the candidate receives any required safety training