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Education forum post from first year student

Theme: Cyber Safety, First-year Student #1

A discussion forum provides the opportunity for students in the class to explore, discuss, and critique the relevant issues in their learning.
First year discussion: Student 1: discussion on cyber safety
The criteria for assessing this discussion:
  • Entries should be clear and relevant.
  • Contributions should be well-spaced, showing engagement at various stages of the discussion.
  • Links should be made to others in the discussion, so as to acknowledge, respond to, and build upon their contributions.
  • Comments should indicate depth of consideration - e.g. raising key issues, offering critique, moving the discussion forward.
  • Reference should be made to relevant personal experience.
  • Relevant reading should be linked and paraphrased effectively.
What to do:
  • First, use the buttons on the right to guide you through the lesson. Read the excerpts and look at the notes provided.
  • Finally, feel welcome to contact Student Learning either personally, or via the Moodle writing forum to discuss your writing (University of Waikato students only).