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Arts and Social Science introductions

Philosophy theme: Plato on democracy

Critically discuss Plato's criticism of democracy. (2000 words, from a 200-level philosophy paper).
About this excerpt:

Balancing the structure
What we like about this excerpt is the balance between the hook (opening statement), the thesis or argument, and the roadmap (the statement of intention - how the writer intends to argue the thesis).
Each contains approximately the same number of words, with seamless transitions between the introduction's three sections.
Writing fingerprint: A person's writing style (even within a structured genre like academic writing) is as distinctive as a fingerprint. This student uses fairly dense sentences, and ambitious vocabulary, which she controls with careful use of punctuation.
Question: What features of your writing make it unique to you?
What to do
  • First, use the buttons on the right to guide you through the lesson. Read the excerpt and look at the notes provided.
  • Complete the short activity.
  • Finally, feel welcome to contact Student Learning either personally, or via the Moodle writing forum to discuss your writing (University of Waikato students only).