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Arts and Social Science introductions

Theme: Teacher / student relationships

Do relationships matter between teachers and students during students' education? How do these impact personal development? Discuss. (1000 words)
About this excerpt:
Getting straight to the point: The strength of this student's introduction is in his very efficient use of sentence structure to convey his meaning efficiently. It falls precisely at 10% of the total word count, which is the conventional length for introductions (and conclusions).
Sentence strategies: This student opens his introduction by using a direct (rhetorical) question. This is an interesting strategy, and in this particular case it worked.
The problem for you is that some teachers would like this as a direct and efficient method for identifying a concern, while other teachers would see it as less-than-formal in style, and want you to use an embedded question instead.
The activity for this excerpt invites you to transfer the direct question into an embedded question.
What to do
  • First, use the buttons on the right to guide you through the lesson. Read the excerpt and look at the notes provided.
  • Complete the short activity.
  • Finally, feel welcome to contact Student Learning either personally, or via the Moodle writing forum to discuss your writing (University of Waikato students only).