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Academic text analysis

Click along the gray tabs below to see the range of text types for your discipline.

Essays: StructureResource
Basic writing structures:Basic essay structure - explained by Shaun Macleod from Smrt English
Paragraphing: What makes a good topic sentence
Paragraphing: Supporting sentences - Mark Roberts from Smrt English
Paragraphing: Concluding sentence - How to finish off a paragraph.
Formal writingMaking your writing more formal - Shaun from Smrt English
Basic sentence structures:Simple and compound sentences - Shaun Macleod from Smrt English
Complex sentences - Shaun shows you how to add variety to your writing

Each of the pages linked to below has an excerpt from a successful essay. There are notes in the right margin pointing out the features

Essays: Introduction excerptsThemes
Education and the law: Criminal liability of teachers
Philosophy and Politics: Plato's democracy
Utilitarian justification of punishment
Theories of justice and the problem of utilitarianism
Psychology: Organsational development
Teacher and student relationships
Social psychology: banning gang patches
History and Classics:British occupation of Africa
Greek Art and Society
Technology and New Zealand
GeographyNatural disasters
Development strategies in developing nations (Turkey)
Conclusion excerpts Themes
Philosophy and Politics: Plato's democracy
Liberty and Party Pills
Berkeley's immaterialism
History and Classics:Women's sexuality in Ancient Greece
Marriage roles in Ancient Greece (compared to NZ)
Religious Studies:Religious fundamentalism
GeographyDevelopment strategies in developing nations (Turkey)
Report: Introduction excerpts Theme
Computer Science Analysis of a new language teaching software

Click on the links below to see an example excerpt with a side bar of annotations on the features.

Legal hypotheticals Theme
Legal hypothetical (opinion paper) Complete example (topic: Zoophilia)
Essay introductions Theme
Constitutional lawTreaty of Waitangi and proposed constitutional transformation

This resource was developed by Katherine Gilliver-Brown, Student Learning, Faculty of Education. This project is designed to help students to learn to recognise the elements of writing that contribute to the quality of a text. Thank you to the following people:

  • Damon Ellis from Massey University.
  • Maria Persson, Dawn Marsh, Jennifer Buckle, Anna Grear, Cheryl Green, Ellen Bernstein, Daisy Ager, Daniel Ford, and Ben Shuker for contributing excerpts or activity content.

Enjoy - Katherine

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