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Legal hypothetical (opinion) problem

Theme: Zoophilia

The problem: John publishes a magazine, Zoophilia, in which there are serious academic articles concerning the tendency of some adults to desire sexual activity with animals. Alongside these articles are certain explicit images of human/animal sex, as well as a series of advertisements - including advertisements concerning tuition in the 'art of Zoophilia'. John distributes copies, which he himself delivers by hand, taking a small payment from each recipient, to a select list of people in the London area that he has managed to get from a friend who runs an internet blog site for 'Zoophiliacs'. At one house, the son of the householder sees the magazine, and in a fit of disgust, calls the police. John is later prosecuted under s 2 of the Obscene Publications Act 1959. Advise John as to the likely outcome of the case and the legal basis for your prediction. (5 pages maximum)
This is a legal hypothetical (or opinion) assignment written by a student who donated it as an exemplar for law students.

It is the full text (which is quite long) so it has been divided into five parts. Use the links at the bottom of each part to flip between them.

Although this excerpt uses headings, these are only as a guide about appropriate content in the assignment, but you should not use headings like this in your assignment.

What to do: Click on excerpt to read the five parts of the opinion assignment. Use the notes buttons for information provided by your law teachers. Use the 'Method' button to see a list of things to remember when approaching a task like this one.
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