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Integrating citations to support an argument—excerpt 1 (with activity)

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Task: For one developing nation, outline and assess the national development strategies employed since 1947. (From a 300 level geography paper, 2000 - 2500 words.)

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Everensel (2004)  | World Bank (2013)

In this essay the student argues that even though Turkey's national development strategies have so far been a failure the motivation behind its attempts was genuine. This excerpt identifies some of the historical occurances as part of the student's response to the task instructions.

Despite evidence that suggest the International Monetary Fund Strategies were unsuccessful for Turkey they received multiple series of financial contributions throughout the 1990's and even into the 2000's. A major stabilization program was implemented in 1999, this program related to the devaluation of the Turkish exchasnge rate. However due to financial issues that were being felt worldwide at the time of the program it was unsuitable for Turkey and it broke down late in the year 2000 (Everensel, 2004). The most recent assistance that Turkey received was in June 2013 when Turkey borrowed $800 million from the World Bank. The main reason for this loan was to enable to Turkish government to move the country into high income status so that they would no longer be considered a developing country (World Bank, 2013). These attempts for Turkey to improve or develop itself show a link between Turkey and the World Systems Theory; Turkey is trying to improve itself and move from the semi-periphery to become a core country. This is a proficient step for Turkey, although it is still reliant in loaning money from the World Bank Turkey is taking responsibility and trying to fix itself on its own rather than relying on the International Monetary Fund and their bailout packages.

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