Student tools

The University of Waikato provides a range of student tools to help you throughout your time here.


Moodle is the university's system for delivering online content for your papers. It’s where you submit assignments, access course materials and keep up-to-date with what’s happening with your course. You can access Moodle through the student homepage.

Lecturers and teaching staff will use Moodle to upload course materials, set assignments, upload quizzes and more.

It is important to become familiar with this tool as it is something that you will use most days.

For self-help tools, check out the Moodle guides for students.


MyWaikato is our mobile-friendly system for managing your enrolments, enquiries, timetable, final grades, research progress, graduation, academic record and more.

From MyWaikato you can:

  • Enrol to study, choose papers or change your enrolment
  • Apply for scholarships
  • View your university account balance and pay fees
  • View your timetable (lectures only)
  • View your final grades
  • Update your personal and contact details
  • Request a copy of your academic record
  • Log and view your enquiries
  • Submit your research progress reports (higher degree students only)
  • Apply to graduate


MyWIL is the student tool used for our Work-Integrated Learning Papers. Every undergraduate degree now requires you to complete a work-integrated learning paper to help prepare you for the workforce.

The MyWIL portal provides you with easy access to information about your work-integrated learning paper. Through MyWIL you can apply for an advertised internship or report of an investigation project, submit a proposal for an internship or report of a project you’ve found yourself and view the status of your WIL activities.

To manage your work placement, visit the MyWIL portal.

Student Homepage

The Student Life webpage can be accessed through our University of Waikato homepage, by selecting the Student Life link or menu item. The Student Life page provides you with easy access to tools, library resources and service.  From the page you can access:

  • Moodle
  • MyWaikato
  • Your student Microsoft 365 account
  • Student support services
  • MyWIL
  • Library
  • Timetable

Resource Booker

Resource Booker allows you to book group study rooms, student centre event spaces and teaching rooms. Resource booker has a range of filters to ensure that the room you select has everything you need.

In general, teaching room requests require approval. You will receive a message of approval or rejection in Resource Booker.

To book a room, visit the Resource Booker.

WaikatoUni App

The WaikatoUni App is our all in one mobile platform, providing easy access to each of our student tool as well as information about our campuses, student deals, events and activities, scholarships, maps and more to help you while studying here at Waikato. You only need to sign in once on the app to access all the other student tools from your device.

You can download the app at the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store.

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