Supporting new undergraduate students to succeed at University

Study Advising is a programme designed to help new students over their first year of undergraduate study. Every first year student is automatically allocated a dedicated staff member – a Study Advisor.  Most Study Advisor’s will be from your main area of study, but all have roles aimed at helping students to succeed in their study goals.

Your Study Advisor will:

  • contact you from time-to-time through email and phone to check-in to see you how you are going
  • be a go-to person for you if you get stuck, have a question, or just need some reassurance.
  • share useful information with you to help with your transition to University
  • keep-an-eye on your academic progress (attendance, submitting assessments etc.), and make contact with you if you look like you may have hit some challenges.

Your Study Advisor can help with things related to your studies such as:

  • if you are struggling with any of your papers
  • if you have personal issues that are impacting your studies
  • what to do if you get sick and can’t complete an assessment
  • if you want to talk through different study options
  • if you just don’t know who can help you with your question – there are no silly questions here!

Your Study Advisor may not have all the answers, but they will listen to what is going on for you and can refer you to other services that can support you with your particular challenges.