They're | their | there

These three-sound identical so people frequently get them muddled — especially in phone texts.

Bought | brought

One is the past of buy, and the other is the past of bring. How can you tell which is which?

Than | then

These words sound similar, but one signals comparison while the other signals a sequence of events.

Affect | effect

One is a verb which means 'to influence', while the other is a noun meaning 'the result of'. Learn to tell the difference between them.

Accept | except

One is a verb, meaning 'to agree to something', while the other is a preposition meaning 'not including'.

Whose | who's

One is asking about something belonging to someone, while the other is wanting to know who someone is

Loose | lose

When something is not attached very tightly, and then it falls off and is never seen ag

Passed | past

The first is a verb and the other can be either a noun or a preposition.

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