The University of Waikato's eLearning environment, Moodle, is provided for the purposes of teaching and learning. You are reminded that your use of Moodle and any associated tools is subject to the University's Computer Systems Regulations.

You should also be aware of the following:

Information Disclosure:
In using Moodle, you agree to make some information about yourself viewable to others including your first and last name, email address, city, paper role and group membership when in the same papers. Users with teaching access to papers you are enrolled in can view additional information such as your username, ID number, phone number, last access date and a list of the other papers you are enrolled in. By default, your student ID card photo is also displayed on your profile page. You are free to change your photo and control other information that is available about yourself. You should be careful not to add personal or private information about yourself that you do not wish others to see.

Respecting Privacy:
You are expected to respect the right to privacy of others. You must not make inappropriate use of others’ personal information or post private information or contact details (e.g. address, email) about another person. You must not re-post a message that was sent to you privately without permission of the person who sent the message or forward any email notification or RSS feeds from forum postings. Any contact from another user or receipt of any message you feel uncomfortable about should be reported immediately. Information on the University complaints procedures is found on the student complaints policy.