You may want to give feedback on your papers or teachers outside the regular end-of-semester evaluations, or about other areas of the University.

This could include:

  • Your teacher or paper is not on your list of teachers to evaluate see our FAQs for possible reasons for this, and ways you may be able to have the paper or teacher included in the end-of-semester evaluations)
  • You want to give feedback before the end of the semester.
  • You want to give feedback on anything other than papers or teachers.

Other ways to give feedback about papers and teachers

  • If you have positive or constructive feedback about your learning experience, your lecturer would love to hear from you. You could talk to him or her after class, send an email, or make contact via Moodle.  You could encourage your lecturer to try to get feedback from the whole class during the semester; there are lots of ways teachers can do this.
  • If a teacher has done a great job, you may like to nominate him or her for a Teaching Excellence Award, or an eLearning Excellence Award
  • Contact your Class Representative
  • Make a formal complaint
  • Email the Evaluations Team
  • Request a feedback form from the Evaluation Team

Ways to give feedback about other areas of the University of Waikato

Most areas within the University provide ways to give feedback from of their own section of the University website, usually via a Contact Us page.

This includes:

Contact the Evaluation Team if you have questions, requests or suggestions.

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