Evaluations open to teachers

  • Paper convenors
    • Ensure all teaching staff are correctly linked to the paper
    • May decide to opt-out from having an evaluation conducted
    • Must opt-in at least every second time a paper is taught
    • Change the dates that evaluations are available to students (if required)
  • Teachers
    • Opt in or out of the teaching (only) evaluation - must opt-in at least every second time they teach a paper
    • Add extra questions to the evaluation
    • Tell students about feedback and evaluation
    • Ensure evaluations for the papers they teach on are visible

Evaluations open to students

  • Email containing a direct link is sent to students preferred email address
  • Students complete evaluations online
  • Two email reminders are sent to students (unless the student submits all of their evaluations)
  • Students evaluate their papers and teachers (both their lecturers and tutors)

Evaluations close

  • Feedback is stored in a secure database
  • Data aggregated to ensure confidentiality

Grades finalised

  • Board of Examiners confirms student grades
  • Students receive final grades

Evaluation reports sent to teachers

  • Full evaluation reports (including student comments) are sent to teaching staff
  • Statistical data is prepared and sent to Head of Schools and Deans


  • Teachers make improvements to the paper and teaching based on student feedback
  • Evaluation data is used for Academic staff promotion
  • Evaluation data is used in the Teaching Award process

Feedback to students

  • Conveners communicate changes made to papers and teaching as a result of student feedback via the Paper Outline the next time the paper is taught
  • Teachers may communicate with students about the results of the evaluation in other ways


Contact the Evaluation Team if you have questions or feedback about the process, or evaluations at the University of Waikato.

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