Changing Your Programme

There is an opportunity at the beginning of the semester to change the papers you have enrolled in. This is only possible if you've already signed your enrolment agreement.

You can add papers up until 5pm Sunday of the first week of the trimester. You can withdraw from papers with a full refund up until 5pm Sunday of the second week of Trimester A, B and C, or up until 5pm Sunday of the first week of summer school semesters. After this date, you could be liable to change of enrolment fees. All changes are subject to approval by your Faculty/School after these dates.

How to change your enrolment

All changes to enrolment are made in MyWaikato

  1. Log into MyWaikato
  2. Go to your 'Qualifications and Papers' tab in the top navigation.
  3. Under your current qualification select 'Apply for a Change of Enrolment'
  4. To confirm that you want to change your papers or subjects, select ‘Change’.

Adding a paper

  1. To access paper selection for your enrolment, select 'Complete Now' next to 'Choose papers'.
  2. Select 'Add/Modify papers'
  3. Now you can view all the confirmed papers within your enrolment. To change any of these, select 'Change Papers.'
  4. If you know which paper you need, expand the 'Global Search' at the top of the page and type your paper code. Then scroll down to see that paper in the relevant list(s)
  5. Your chosen paper may be available in several lists; for example, it could be used towards your compulsory papers or your elective papers. Once you have chosen which list you want your paper to count towards, select ‘Add’ next to the paper.
  6. When you have finished selecting your papers, select ‘Done’ at the bottom of the screen.

There is no guarantee for placement in a paper as some papers may be full.

Once you have added a paper, payment is due either on the Friday before the paper starts, or if it has already started, payment is due immediately.

Withdrawing a paper

  1. Find the paper you wish to withdraw from in your list of selected papers and click on the ‘bin’ icon next to the paper. You will only be able to withdraw from papers that don’t have a grade entered.
  2. Ensure you complete the application to withdraw by selecting ‘Done’ at the bottom of the page.

Remember to let Studylink know about your changes. Contact them on 0800 88 99 00 or

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