For the people who will work on the world

Discover a world of opportunities with our new Bachelor of Global Studies.

Your ticket to an exciting international career that bridges the realms of arts, international relations, and business.

Why study a Bachelor of Global Studies?

In today's world, nations, economies, cultures, and societies are more interconnected than ever before - understanding and navigating these global connections is crucial.

The Waikato BGS provides core skills needed (in language, management and intercultural communication) setting up graduates for success in a multicultural work environement.

Waikato's brand-new BGS will set you up to play a pivotal role in addressing pressing global issues, fostering cooperation on a global scale, and contributing to innovative solutions for global businesses. From exploring diverse cultures, influencing global diplomacy, or making a meaningful impact through organisations – the possibilities are endless.

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What skills will you develop?

Within this specialised three-year degree you'll develop core knowledge and skills in intercultural communication, business strategy and global relations allowing you to effectively negotiate and navigate diversity, particularly in organisations that span the globe. You will also study a language to help you thrive in different countries & cultures.

Major subjects offered in this degree

One of the most exciting aspects of the BGS is the opportunity to choose from five majors, each with its own unique focus to equip you to become a world-class expert in your chosen area:

Hands-on Learning

At the heart of the BGS is work-integrated learning, where, through an internship you will apply your skills in a real organisation, bridging the gap between theory and practice. By engaging directly with industry, you'll form vital connections and gain insights that will prepare you for the global challenges of tomorrow.

Career Opportunities

With a comprehensive skill set ready to tackle the challenges organisations face worldwide, graduates of the Waikato BGS will be in demand, and can expect a rewarding international career in roles such as:

  • Diplomat or Foreign Service Officer
  • Analyst in a Global Business
  • Development Project Manager
  • Human Rights Advocate
  • Policy Analyst
  • International Correspondent
  • Global Policy Specialist
  • English Language Instructor Abroad