Jump Start - summer programme for new students

Are you new to University in 2024? Would you like to start your studies early? Do you want to make Uni friends and boost your study skills?

Join the Jump Start programme

Hamilton and Tauranga Campuses

22 January to 16 February 2024

9.00am - 3.30pm daily

You can take your first University paper and get set-up for the rest of your studies, find your way around campus, and make Uni friends all before the end of summer.

There are a number of 100-level (15 point) papers you can choose from on the Hamilton Campus and Tauranga Campus, and we offer one online paper for those who are unable to study on campus.

Jump Start is particularly good for those who need a boost in areas such as literacy, maths, and science, those who have been out of study for a while, and for those who come from smaller towns.

This programme is also great for those who would like to make friends and ease into understanding the Uni environment and learn core Uni study skills.

Alongside the paper you choose, you will attend sessions teaching you important tertiary study skills, how to use the Uni technology and so much more - all aimed at helping you be successful at University.

  • Start University early and get ahead by completing your first paper
  • Be better prepared for your University studies and gain confidence
  • Learn study skills and how to use the University systems
  • Make friends and find your way around the Hamilton campus before all the students come back
  • Small classes help with your transition to University
  • Get to know the Division you will be studying with - meet key teaching and support staff

Papers are  worth 15 points and may count as an elective paper towards your degree - the Admissions Office can assist with this if you are unsure, contact [email protected] and address your enquiry to the Admissions Office.

In most cases:

  • Single major - paper will contribute as an elective to your degree
  • Double major, single major with two minors, or professional qualification - in some cases the paper can contribute to your degree, you can confirm/discuss this with the Admissions Office at paper selection/approval stage.
  • Engineering – ENGEN100 will not contribute towards a BE(Hons) degree. Gaining at least a B- grade will enable you to enrol in the standard first year engineering papers (note: this may be under a Bachelor of Science; upon passing all the standard first year engineering papers you can then transfer to the BE(Hons) degree).
  • Law - LEGAL100 can be counted towards one of the 100 level non-law elective papers under the Bachelor of Laws, as long as it fits within your degree program.

The below papers were part of Jump Start 2023.  We will add the papers for 2024 once they are confirmed.

Students select ONE paper:


Writing for Academic Success



WRITE100-23JS (NET)*

The paper gives opportunities for undergraduate students to develop their academic literacy skills. It begins with general academic communication and research skills and then embeds academic literacy practice within disciplines of study.

This paper is suitable for all students and will be offered on the Hamilton and Tauranga campuses.  An online option is also available but eligibility is limited - see *NET below.

WRITE100 would be of extra benefit to students who achieve lower NCEA Level 3 credits in literacy and those who intend to study within Arts and Social Sciences, the Waikato Management School, Māori and Indigenous Studies, Education, and Health, Sports and Human Performance.

*NET paper - the online Jump Start version of WRITE100 is intended for students who would otherwise not be able to attend a four-week on-campus paper.  It will provide flexible learning options which may suit adult-learners currently working, those caring for dependents, and those who live outside of the campus regions.



This paper is tailored to prepare new students who will be studying a Bachelor of Laws. It will offers an introduction to core topics and skills in legal studies. Topics include law making and the legislature, the court system, common law and cases. Skills include written and oral advocacy skills, legal research, client interviewing, and group work.

NOTE: Students who complete LEGAL100 will be eligible to have this paper counted towards one of the 100 level non-law elective papers under the Bachelor of Laws, as long as it fits within your degree programme.

Only students who will be studying a Bachelor of Laws are eligible for this paper (including conjoint degrees).

Particularly suited to students with lower NCEA Level 3 credits in literacy.

General Physics and Mathematics for Engineers


This paper will help fill critical knowledge gaps in physics and math.  It is particularly beneficial for students who don't meet the requirements for direct entry into the BE(Hons) programme or for those who haven't studied for some time. It can also help with the transition to university life and making new friends, so students can hit the ground running from the beginning of A Trimester.

NOTE: This paper is additional to the requirements of the BE(Hons) programme and will not count towards your degree.

Further information can be found on the Engineering Jump Start Programme page.

Students intending to study the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours are eligible for this paper.  Please note that you will be enrolled in a Bachelor of Science (BSc) while studying the Jump Start papers.

Particularly suited to those with lower Maths and/or Physics NCEA Level 3 credits (or anticipated to have lower).   Recommended for those who have not completed the NCEA Level 3 standards for Calculus (Differentiation, Integration, and Complex numbers) and/or Physics (Mechanical Systems and Electrical Systems).

For students who don't meet the requirements for direct entry into the BE(Hons) programme, passing this paper with a B- grade or higher will allow you entry into the programme.

Preparatory Mathematics


This paper is an intensive ‘catch-up’ paper in basic algebraic concepts with a brief introduction to calculus and statistics.

This paper attempts to cover the minimum background skills needed for such papers. These include all algebra skills from Year 9 to Year 12 Mathematics.

It is an applications paper and stresses use of mathematics in a ‘real-world’ context.

This paper is intended for those students who wish to improve their basic mathematical skills, either as a background for other subjects, or prior to enrolling in MATH165, MATH166 (BBA students), STAT111, or STAT121 in a subsequent semester or year.

MATHS168 is a required paper for a Finance major in the degrees of BBus and BMS(Hons)

NOTE: If you are studying MATHS168 as preparation for any higher-level Mathematics paper you will need to aim for at least a B- grade

Jump Start is for students who will be starting the 1st year of an undergraduate (Bachelor's) degree at the University of Waikato in Trimester A 2024.  You need to have gained entry to the University to join Jump Start, as you will be completing your first undergraduate paper.

Who can apply?

Jump Start eligibility is a little different to our usual entry criteria; this programme is aimed at students who studied at a New Zealand (or Australian) high school.  It is open to students with domestic status in NZ (including Australian citizens). We can accept International students, but you must have studied NCEA (or its equivalent) at a New Zealand high school and have the appropriate visa to enrol - international tuition fees will apply.

Still at High School in 2023?

If you're still finishing your last year of school, all you need to do is register for Jump Start and pre-enrol in your chosen paper. We'll hold a place in Jump Start for you and confirm it after NCEA (or its equivalent) results are released in January 2024.

What if I will be studying on the Tauranga campus?

In 2024 we will offer WRITE100 in Tauranga.  If you would like to take one of the Hamilton papers on offer, you have the option to stay in one of our Halls of Residence over the programme (See Accommodation Costs, in the Costs section).

What if I don't live near the campus my Jump Start paper is offered at, or I can't make it to all the classes?

The Jump Start programme is for all new domestic undergraduate students; for those who will be studying on the Hamilton or Tauranga campuses, or via online learning. It is predominantly an in-class programme, so you will need to be able to get to the campus each day for classes.  For those who do not live in Hamilton or Tauranga, you have the option to stay in one of our Halls of Residences over the programme (See Accommodation Costs, in the Costs section).

In 2023 we also offered one online paper, WRITE100-23JS (NET) which is a flexible learning option.  It is aimed at those who may be working full-time, have at-home commitments (such as children), or who may live far from one of our campuses and it is impractical to move for 4 weeks for Jump Start.  Classes are offered in a flexible way so you can study when it suits.  You would still be required to submit work weekly, and it runs for 4 weeks concurrently with the on-campus papers.   Those taking the online paper do have the opportunity to join in face-to-face learning if they are able to make it to campus at any point.

Tuition costs

If you are eligible for Fees Free study, you won't need to pay any tuition fees for your Jump Start paper as it will be covered under the government Fees Free policy for 1st-year study.

If you are not eligible for Fees Free, standard 100-level paper fees will apply.

Accommodation costs

Over the Jump Start programme, accommodation is available for those who need it on the Hamilton and Tauranga campuses in one of our Halls of Residences. The cost over the 4-week programme will be subsidised (in 2023 it was $200 per week) for a room and food in Hamilton, or for a room-only in Tauranga.  Note, 2024 costs are yet to be confirmed.

Student loans and allowances

If you're eligible, you can apply to StudyLinkfor access to a student loan and/or allowance over the 4-week programme.  To access StudyLink, you will need to have enrolled in your Trimester A papers (or the full year), and your chosen Jump Start paper.  You can do this via MyWaikato.

Note, the next Jump Start Programme will run in 22 January to 16 February 2024.

If you have not yet applied to the University of Waikato

If you have not yet completed an Application to Enrol (ATE) at the University of Waikato, when filling in the application, you need to click Yes to the Jump Start question asking if you are interested in taking a paper as part of Jump Start.  We will send you further information once you have an offer of place to study at the University.

If you have applied and have received an offer of place to study at the University of Waikato

1.Log on to MyWaikato

2. Go to Edit details

3. Click Jump Start Preference

4. Select the qualification you want to join under, and click Submit

This process is indicating to us your interest in Jump Start.  The next step is to add a Jump Start Paper.

Adding a Jump Start paper

1. Log on to MyWaikato

2. Go to Qualifications and Papers and click Complete enrolment

3.This takes you to your Enrolment 2023 page.  Go to Choose papers, click Next

4. This takes you to the Confirm Paper Selections page. Click Select papers

5. Find and select one JUMP START paper - these papers have a JS trimester. The choices are:

Writing for Academic Success

WRITE100-23JS (HAM) - Hamilton campus

WRITE100-23JS (TGA) - Tauranga campus

WRITE100-23JS (NET) - Online flexible learning



General Physics and Mathematics for Engineers

ENGEN100-23JS (refer to the note below on Special Permission)

Preparatory Mathematics


Find your JS paper and click Add.  If you have not done so already, you can also add your Trimester A and B papers at this time too.

Special Permission to add ENGEN100-23JS - Due to the way an Engineering degree is set-up, some students will need to request to add ENGEN100 via the Special Permission section at the bottom of the Confirm Paper Selections page (see below).

6. Confirm you want to take this Jump Start paper

Once you have added your paper and it is approved, we will be in contact with further information around Jump Start.

If you require any assistance with this process, please contact us at [email protected]

Over the Jump Start programme, accommodation is available for those who need it in one of our Halls of Residences. Those in Hamilton will stay at one of the Halls (yet to be confirmed), and those in Tauranga at the Selwyn St Studios.  If you are staying in the Halls for the rest of the year, you will be moved to your permanent Hall/room in the final week of Jump Start.

Over the 4-weeks of Jump Start, the accommodation cost will be charged at the subsidised rate (amount yet to be confirmed) for a room and food in Hamilton, or for a room-only in Tauranga.  To access accommodation over Jump Start, and the subsidised rate, you will need to complete a Summer Accommodation application form (available from October).

Contact us

[email protected]

0800 WAIKATO (0800 924 528)