Graduate Certificates in Business, Communication, & Management

Graduate Certificates are a great way to steer your career in a new direction and update your business knowledge - without having to do a full degree. Complete four papers (60 points) and study at your own pace.

Waikato Management School offers GradCerts across a wide range of undergraduate subjects, see below.

All of our GradCerts are taught in Hamilton, and some papers may be available as FLEXI or Online papers as well.

You can also study in Tauranga if you wish to study Accounting, Finance, Marketing, or Strategic Management.

Degree planner — Graduate Certificate - Generic (60 points)

Take all FOUR papers (60 points)

100 or 200 Level

300 Level

300 Level

300 Level
Subject or Elective paper

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  • Elective

Enhance business performance

Gain the essential skills to transform business operations and productivity with a short course in either Project Management, Digital Business or Supply Chain Management.

GradCert in Project Management - study online
GradCert in Digital Business
GradCert in Supply Chain Management

Strategise to find new customers

Develop marketing strategies that will attract the right customers; help your company plan for the future and seize new opportunities; or start exporting into new overseas markets.

GradCert in Marketing
GradCert in Strategic Management
GradCert in Tourism & Hospitality Management

Use data to gain insights and build wealth

Gain expertise in analysing and interpreting economic or financial data to help organisations and individuals make well-informed decisions based on hard evidence, rather than relying on gut instinct.

GradCert in Business Analytics
GradCert in Economics
GradCert in Finance

Advocate ideas and lead people to success

Focus on building relationships with people to promote ideas and brands; become an inspiring leader who can motivate others; or learn how to get the best out of an organisation's most valuable asset - its employees.

GradCert in Public Relations
GradCert in Leadership Communication
GradCert in Human Resource Management