For the Poeple whose calling is to care

For the people whose calling is to care

Help meet the healthcare needs of tomorrow

Both of our pre-registration programmes enable nursing students at Waikato to specialise in areas that urgently require more health workers, such as acute, primary care, mental health and addiction. The programme has a specific focus on equity, wellbeing and Māori and Pacific health.

Why study nursing at Waikato?

As the newest provider of nursing programmes in New Zealand, we bring a fresh approach to nursing and healthcare.

Our programmes range from undergraduate to doctoral level and have been developed in close collaboration with our clinical partners.  We offer opportunities for students seeking a programme of study, and researchers interested in networking with like-minded people.

additional nurses needed to address workforce shortage

Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes of study

clinical hours for our undergraduate nursing programme

Join us on the frontline of the future

With more clinical hours than any other provider, our unique programmes put you in an excellent position to meet the emerging health needs of New Zealanders. Armed with a nursing degree from Waikato, you will have the skills that can really make a difference where it’s needed most.

The University of Waikato offers two pathways to becoming a Registered Nurse. The Bachelor of Nursing (BNurs) is a three year programme and the Master of Nursing Practice (MNursPrac) is two years for those who already have an undergraduate degree.

Bachelor of Nursing
Master of Nursing Practice
Loki O'Brien

Read Loki's story

A focus on community and mental health as well as greater hands-on learning through more clinical hours, were key factors in Loki O’Brien’s decision to study nursing at the University of Waikato.

Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)

An option for students with high levels of academic performance, employed in clinical practice and  supported by their clinical managers as having leadership potential.

Postgraduate Certificate of Health Science

Improve your career prospects by advancing your skills and knowledge in Nursing.

Postgraduate Diploma of Health Science

Connect with national and international evidence in nursing practice.


Master of Health Science

Make a difference to the quality of healthcare and create opportunities for your future leadership

Doctor of Health Science

Advance your career as an aspiring senior leader in the health sector

Doctor of Philosophy (Health Science)

A fully research-based degree where original research is conducted under the guidance of supervisors

Post registration qualifications

For registered nurses who want to further their career

We are committed to enhancing healthcare through the three interconnected disciplines of teaching, research and professional learning.  Within our diverse communities, we offer opportunities for students seeking a programme of study, and researchers interested in networking with like-minded people.

All can be taken part time or full time and we will work with you closely to make sure your programme of study is achievable alongside your other commitments, personal and work.  Prior to finalising your paper choice, you will meet with one of our experienced staff to plan your own individualised learning plan.

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