Guide to choosing school subjects

How to Apply

During the online application process, you’ll be asked for personal information. We need to collect this so we can contact you about your application and support you while you’re studying with us. We are also required to collect some information for legislative and Ministry of Education reporting purposes.

The online Application to Enrol (ATE) process is in two parts. Complete as much as you can and submit it even if you don’t fill everything in.That way we can get in touch to help you finish it off.

1. Register Online

  • When you know what qualification you want to study you should apply to enrol online
  • When you register to apply, we ask for your email address so we can send you a Student Identification number. If you haven’t submitted an application by mail or online before, you haven’t “started your application to enrol” so answer No to that question

2. Choose Your Programme

  • Next you'll be asked for the year that you want to enrol in. This is   the year that you will actually start the first of your studies at Waikato
  • Choose your qualification and Faculty/School of Studies (the system will help you with your selection)
  • You may not know all the papers you want to study but as long as you have an idea of what qualification you want to study you can complete the online process
  • We ask for details about your study history and your employment history (if applicable)
  • We ask for a brief statement on why you are interested in the programme you’ve chosen
  • We ask for contact details and some personal information
  • We ask how you meet the requirements for entry to university in New Zealand
  • You submit your application

3. Submit your Application

  • You’ll receive an email confirming we’ve received your application. We’ll be in touch if we need to discuss anything.
  • You can contact us on 0800 WAIKATO or [email protected] if you have questions. Don’t forget to keep the email with your Student ID number as we’ll ask you for this
  • You can check the progress of your application online by clicking on the Apply to Enrol button again and this time selecting Yes when asked if you’ve started your application to enrol
  • Reminder: If you think you will need a student loan or allowance, you can apply for it now. Contact StudyLink directly on 0800 88 99 00 to make an application or apply online at