Student Services Fee

The Waikato Student Services Fee (formerly the Student Services Levy) is a compulsory fee which funds a range of student services for students both on campus and online. The fee is reviewed and agreed each year. Students are consulted through a process led by the University’s Student Services Governance Committee (SSGC).

From 2021, the Student Services Fee was calculated on a per credit point basis rather than a flat fee for the period enrolled. In 2023, students will be charged a levy of $7.39 per credit point.

Below are examples of the calculated fees that illustrate how the fee changes based on the number of credits studied.

Example study period

Calculated levy

Full-time student studying 120 credits


Student studying 180 credits between March 2023 and March 2024 (e.g. MBM)


Net student studying 90 credits


Part-time student studying 30 credits in trimester A and 30 credits in Trimester B