Trimester Study Abroad & Exchange

You'll join a world-class education system, meet friendly locals, see amazing sights, and enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

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Entry Eligibility

Our study abroad and exchange programme is open to students who have:

  • Completed at least two trimesters/semesters of study and are currently enrolled at a recognised tertiary institution (unless you're applying as a Gap Year Experience student)
  • Achieved a minimum GPA B average (NZ scale)
  • English Language proficiency


The University of Waikato is home to academics who are passionate about teaching and research, and dedicated to supporting each student throughout their study journey. Academics encourage students to engage in learning by asking questions and challenging thinking.

Full time students should take 3-4 papers each trimester and almost all papers (courses) are open to study abroad and exchange students, making it easy to get the credits you need.

Our papers are built with theoretical and practical components to enable you to get the best possible academic experience.

Our programmes are industry-relevant and some offer experiential learning opportunities such as internships and research, so you can put your learning into practice and build your networks. Our smaller class sizes provide plenty of opportunities for students to work closely with award-winning lecturers and students are supported by experienced tutors.

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