Intermediate Korean Language 2

The purpose of this paper is to help students build linguistic skills in Korean at an upper intermediate level for everyday communication with native Korean speakers.

Paper Information

Points: 15.0
Prerequisite(s): KOREA232
Internal assessment / examination: 100:0

Trimesters and Locations

Occurrence Code When taught Where taught
24B (HAM)B Trimester : 8 Jul 2024 - 3 Nov 2024 Hamilton
24B (NET)B Trimester : 8 Jul 2024 - 3 Nov 2024 Online

Timetabled Lectures for Intermediate Korean Language 2 (KOREA331)

KOREA331-24B (HAM)
Mon11:00 AM12:00 PMTC.4.15Jul 8 - Oct 13
Thu11:00 AM12:00 PMTC.4.15Jul 8 - Oct 13
KOREA331-24B (NET)
Tue3:00 PM4:00 PMON-LINEJul 8 - Oct 13
Fri3:00 PM4:00 PMON-LINEJul 8 - Oct 13

NB:There may be other timetabled events for this paper such as tutorials or workshops.
Visit the online timetable for KOREA331 for more details

Indicative Fees

Fees for 2024 are not yet available.

Paper Outlines

The following 2023 paper outlines are available for KOREA331. Please contact the Faculty or School office for details on 2024 outlines.

Additional Information

Available Subjects:  International Languages and Cultures

Other available years: Intermediate Korean Language 2 - KOREA331 (2023)

Paper details current as of : 22 September 2023 8:09pm
Indicative fees current as of : 27 September 2023 4:30am

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