Higher Degrees

The University of Waikato undertakes research in a wide range of areas: from software engineering, Māori development and creative industries to business, social policy and environmental science, from law to children's learning and more.

Each Faculty or School of study in the University has individual students and teams of students working with academic staff on projects covering a multitude of topics, many of which are externally funded through government agencies, commercial organisations and other research funding institutions.

A higher research degree is awarded for research which requires a high level of scholarly acumen, independence and perseverance. The research is supervised by members of academic staff, but must be the candidate's original work. This must be presented as a written thesis that documents the research undertaken and its findings.

Doctoral research requires the candidate to make an original contribution to the field by empirical investigation, the formulation of theories or the innovative reinterpretation of known data and established ideas.

The University of Waikato offers a variety of higher research degrees: the supervised doctorate (PhD, DMA), the supervised professional doctorate (EdD, SJD), the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and higher doctorates (DLit, DSc, LLD), MA, MSc and MSocSc in Psychology.

Higher Research Degrees Application Process

When you apply to undertake a higher research degree, your application will be assessed to check that you meet the admission criteria for Higher Research Degree study as well as meeting the specific entry criteria for the qualification in which you wish to enrol.