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Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours

Gain the business expertise and leadership qualities you need to become a globally-minded manager, with New Zealand's most comprehensive business degree.

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Waikato's Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours is New Zealand's premier four-year business degree.

To excel in business, you need a comprehensive understanding of all the key areas of management, and that's exactly what this degree delivers. Our graduates are highly regarded by employers and go on to become senior leaders at organisations around the world.

The BMS(Hons) is an ideal choice for those who want a broad range of business, financial and people skills to maximise their career opportunities.

In first year, the business fundamentals core papers will introduce you to accounting, economics, finance, digital business, supply chain management, marketing and strategic management.

In second and third years, you'll start to develop specialist knowledge by taking more advanced papers in your major subject/s. You'll also apply your management skills in the real world by taking a work-integrated learning paper.

If you'd like to become a professionally qualified accountant (CAANZ, CPA Australia and ACCA), you can use this degree to fast-track your journey and gain an internationally recognised qualification. See below for details.

This degree is offered at the University of Waikato campus in Hamilton.

1st Major subjects

For this degree, choose one of the following subjects as your 1st major:

More about this degree

The BMS(Hons) will hone your abilities to identify new market opportunities, develop effective strategies for sustainable growth, lead teams of people, make business operations more efficient and profitable, and build a culture of innovation to help firms succeed in global markets.

You’ll also learn about some of the cultural complexities of doing business across national borders, the challenges faced by smaller firms, and how companies' actions can contribute to creating a better world.

This degree also offers the flexibility to take a 2nd Major in any of the nine major subjects listed above, or almost any other undergraduate subject offered at the University of Waikato.

If you choose to do a double major for your degree, you will need to complete eight papers (120 points) in each of those subjects.

If you prefer to focus on a single major, you will need to complete nine papers (135 points) in that subject.

Waikato has an international reputation

You'll be studying at Waikato Management School, which is ranked in the top 1% of the business schools worldwide, having achieved Triple Crown Accreditation from EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB,This is a globally recognised benchmark of excellence in teaching and research.

In the prestigious QS World University Subject Rankings 2018, Waikato is ranked in the world's top 200 universities for Accounting & Finance, Business & Management Studies, and Communication & Media Studies.

We're also ranked 16th best university in the world for Hospitality and Tourism Management in the Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2017.

Waikato is the only university in New Zealand or Australasia whose Public Relations programme is certified by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), which sets the global education standards for the PR industry.

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Key information

Years: 4
Points: 480
Study Locations:Hamilton
Start Dates: Semester A (February) and Semester B (July)
Fees (Domestic): $6,591 (approx) per year
See if you're eligible for fees-free study in your first year
Fees (International): $28,525 per year
Entry Requirements: Undergraduate International
*Tuition fees shown are indicative only and may change. There are additional fees and charges related to enrolment please see the Table of Fees and Charges for more information. You will be sent an enrolment agreement which will confirm your fees.

Degree Planner

Degree planner — Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours - BMS(Hons) - Single major

Year 1

100 Level

100 Level
Business Fundamentals

100 Level
Business Fundamentals

100 Level
Business Fundamentals

100 Level
Business Fundamentals

100 Level
Business Fundamentals

100 Level

100 Level

Year 2

200 Level

200 Level

200 Level

200 Level
Any Management paper

200 Level

200 Level

Year 3

300 Level

300 Level
Work-Integrated Learning paper

500 Level
Managing People and Projects

500 Level
Negotiating and Communicating Effectively

500 Level
Data-Informed Decision-Making

500 Level
Business Ethics and Managing Risk

200 Level

300 Level

Year 4

300 Level

300 Level

500 Level
Leading for an Uncertain Future

500 Level
Understanding Global Business Practice

500 Level
Managing Strategically

500 Level
Work-Integrated Learning paper

300 Level

300 Level

  • Compulsory
  • Major
  • Elective
This information is provisional and subject to change.

Required papers for BMS(Hons)

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List A - Business Fundamentals papers:
  • ACCTN101 Accounting for Management
  • ECONS101 Business Economics and the New Zealand Economy
  • FINAN101 Introduction to Finance
  • MGSYS101 Digital Business and Supply Chain Management
  • MRKTG101 Fundamentals of Successful Marketing
  • STMGT101 Introduction to Management

Career opportunities

  • Auditor
  • Banker (Commercial or investment)
  • Business analyst
  • Chartered Accountant
  • CEO or General Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Customer experience manager
  • Digital business or e-commerce manager
  • Economist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Government policy adviser
  • Human resource manager
  • International trade advisor
  • Logistics/Supply chain manager
  • Management consultant
  • Marketing manager
  • Operations manager
  • People and capability manager
  • Policy analyst (eg. Treasury)
  • Project manager
  • Sharebroker
  • Systems analyst
  • Taxation advisor
  • Tourism/hospitality manager

Libby Baron Libby Baron is loving the opportunities and lifestyle in Queenstown since she graduated from a BCS degree at Waikato, majoring in public relations.

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You're eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours if you have University Entrance, or its equivalent. All other applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you don't meet the admission criteria, please contact, as there may be other pathways you can take to study at the University of Waikato.

Scholarships and prizes

New to Waikato? The International Excellence Scholarship is worth up to $10,000.

Visit our Scholarship Finder for information about possible scholarships

Find your scholarship

Graduate or postgraduate study lets you develop advanced knowledge in an area of management that you are passionate about, giving you an edge in the job market.

Choose from the following options:

For more information about the best study pathway for you, please talk to an adviser in the Management Student Centre (MSC).

During lectures, students will discuss case studies of New Zealand and overseas businesses, begin to apply key business theories and concepts to solve real problems, and work in teams to write reports and give presentations.

You'll gain strong analytical and problem-solving skills; team-work, communication and interpersonal skills, and a holistic understanding of the global business environment.

  • In the first-year paper 'Fundamentals of Successful Marketing', you'll compete against other teams to come up with the best idea for an innovative new product.
  • BMS(Hons) students will act as management consultants and apply the business theories they’ve learnt in class to develop a growth strategy for a real New Zealand company, with the chance to win a cash prize. For more details see Waikato Management School Case Competition.
  • In fourth year, you'll choose whether to gain industry experience by working for a relevant host organisation; or undertake an applied research project for a local business.

Prepare yourself for a global career and broaden your horizons by going on a student exchange to one of our partner universities in Europe, Asia, North America or Mexico.

You can take an overseas study exchange for 1-2 semesters, pay your usual Waikato fees, and credit the points back to your BMS(Hons) degree. Contact the University of Waikato Student Exchange team to find out more.

Management students can apply for the Waikato Management School International Exchange Scholarship, offered twice a year and worth up to $2,500.

From second year, you can apply for the Discover SWUFE International Summer Camp Scholarship, which provides a fully-funded trip to China for two weeks of business lectures and cultural activities, hosted by the South-Western University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE).

Waikato Management School has a vibrant student culture that offers plenty of social and learning opportunities.
You can meet like-minded people through student clubs, such as:

We offer a student mentor programme for first-year management students to help you make the academic transition from high school to university.

For expert advice on writing essays and reports, contact our team of specialist teachers in the WMS Language and Learning Development Unit, located in the Management Student Centre (MSB1.50).

Check out the Waikato Management School Facebook page for the latest news and events.

1) To complete the Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree with a single or double major, you need to pass at least 480 points in total. This includes:

  • no more than nine 100-level papers (135 points)
  • up to ten 200-level papers (150 points)
  • at least five papers at 300-level (75 points)
  • at least 120 points at 500-level for the Honours stream (Professional or Research) in Year 4
  • all the compulsory field papers for the BMS(Hons), as well as the required papers for your major subject/s
  • at least 360 points within the field of the degree
  • up to eight elective papers (120 points) from subjects listed outside the field of the degree.
  • instead of taking elective papers, you may take a 2nd Major (120 points) or 1-2 Minor subjects (60-120 points)

2) You also need to pass all the compulsory field papers listed below:

  • ACCTN101 Accounting for Management
  • ECONS101 Business Economics and the New Zealand Economy
  • FINAN101 Introduction to Finance
  • MGSYS101 Digital Business and Supply Chain Management or MGSYS201 Digital Business and Supply Chain Management
  • MRKTG101 Fundamentals of Successful Marketing
  • STMGT101 Introduction to Management
  • MNMGT302 Intercultural Perspectives on Organisations
  • Any field paper of your choice at 200-level

3) You also need to complete the requirements for the Honours Stream in Year 4:

  • Professional Honours Stream:
    • MNMGT500 Managing Strategically
    • MNMGT501/2/3 Management in Practice (relevant to your first major)
    • MNMGT504 Managing Self and Others
    • MNMGT505 Business Analytics for Decision Making
    • MNMGT595/596/599 Industry experience or applied research paper (relevant to your first major)
  • Research Honours Stream:

    Admission to this stream requires at least a B+ grade average for the papers taken in your 1st Major subject at 200-level and 300-level.
    • MNGT501 Research Methods in Management Studies or MNMGT500 Managing Strategically
    • MNMGT598 Research Dissertation (30 points)
    • 60 points of taught papers in your honours major subject at 500-level

4) You also need to:

  • take an Employment Skills Module (ESM)
  • demonstrate writing competency
  • complete any Assurance of Learning requirements, which are designed to measure how well learning outcomes are being met.

Major subjects

To complete the requirements of a major, students must pass nine papers (135 points) in that subject for a single major, or pass eight papers (120 points) in each subject for a double major.

  • For a single major, these nine papers must include up to two 100-level papers (30 points), up to three 200-level papers (45 points), and at least four papers (60 points) at 300-level.

    At least one of the compulsory field papers in Year 1 (ACCTN101, ECONS101, FINAN101, MGSYS101/201, MRKTG101, STMGT101) will also count towards your 1st major.
  • For a double major, these eight papers must include up to two 100-level papers (30 points), up to three papers (45 points) at 200-level, and at least three papers (45 points) at 300-level.
  • Pass all of the required papers for your major subject/s.
  • A 2nd Major can be any undergraduate major subject offered at the University of Waikato.

Minor subjects

A minor can be any undergraduate subject in any faculty. This includes the following management subjects:

  • Agribusiness
  • Leadership Communication
  • Supply Chain Management

For a minor, you must pass four papers (60 points) in that subject. This includes any required papers and at least two papers (30 points) above 100-level.

Class of Honours

The BMS(Hons) degree may be awarded on the basis of your grades in the Honours stream (500-level papers) with:

  • First Class Honours: equivalent to a GPA of 7 or higher
  • Second Class Honours (first division): equivalent to a GPA of 6
  • Second Class Honours (second division): equivalent to a GPA or 5

If you do not meet any of the above standards, you may be awarded the BMS degree without honours.

To meet the academic requirements for provisional membership of either Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), CPA Australia or ACCA once you graduate, you need to take Accounting as a 1st Major and follow a specific programme of study.

These 16 papers are as follows:

  • ACCTN101 Accounting for Management
  • ACCTN102 Introductory Financial Accounting
  • ACCTN202 Intermediate Financial Accounting
  • ACCTN203 Management Accounting: Accounting for Organisational Control
  • ACCTN204 Accounting Information Systems
  • ACCTN301 Capstone in Accounting
  • ACCTN302 Advanced Financial Accounting
  • ACCTN303 Advanced Management Accounting
  • ACCTN305 Auditing
  • ACCTN306 Taxation
  • ACCTN308 Performance Reporting
  • ACCT309 Law of Business Enterprise
  • ECONS101 Business Economics and the New Zealand Economy
  • ECONS205 Data Analytics with Business Applications
  • FINAN101 Introducton to Finance
  • MNMGT201/301 Business Law and the Legal Environment

Please note: Following this pathway means it's not possible to take a 2nd Major (8 papers) in another subject without having to complete 4 extra papers for your degree. However, you still have the option of taking a Minor (4 papers) in another subject, or 4 elective papers.

Instead of doing a 2nd Major, you have the option of taking 1-2 Minor subjects to complement your 1st Major. A Minor consists of four papers in the same subject (60 points).

Alternatively, you may choose up to eight elective papers during the course of your degree.

In addition to the nine Major subjects listed above, the following four subjects are also available as a Minor:

Have a chat to one of our advisers in the Management Student Centre (MSC) to help you plan your programme of study. Phone 0800 654 303 or email


Management Student Centre

Location: MSB.1.50, Waikato Management School, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton
Phone: +64 838 4303 

Opening hours: 8.45am - 4.45pm Monday to Friday