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Cert. Health and Wellbeing
Certificate in Health and Wellbeing

Interested in hauora? Committed to the wellbeing of your community? Working in the Health sector and looking for a qualification to enhance your career opportunities?  Consider studying the Certificate in Health and Wellbeing at the University of Waikato.

Bachelor of Health

At the University of Waikato we believe it is time to bring to light new ways of thinking about and practicing health in ways that address the growing inequities in the health system, through recognising the importance of hauora*

In recognising the importance of preventative and holistic approaches to health, we need a workforce with knowledge of health service quality and equity that is built on a foundation of cultural competency, multidisciplinary knowledge, interpersonal and collaborative skills, applied biomedical skills, critical thinking, and regional and community engagement.

A Level 5 Certificate in Health and Wellbeing, is the opportunity to develop foundational knowledge and skills across a range of areas all of which focus on different aspects of health. The one-year certificate, is underpinned by the concept of hauora in practice and incorporates a focus on Hauora, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Human Biology, Introduction to Using Data, as well as the opportunity to study three papers focused on either Poutū-maro Biomedical Sciences, or Poutū-manahau Population Health.

A graduate of the Certificate in Health and Wellbeing will have knowledge and skills that is practical and transferable, allowing them to practice in ways that exhibit an understanding of health as it relates to the individual, whanāu and community. A certificate can help pave your way to future success, and is equivalent to the first year of study of a bachelors degree. It's a great way to gain an introductory qualification in a field of study.

*Hauora, as represented in this material, is defined as a holistic approach that values the interconnection between the physical and meta physical in ways that nourish and sustain the vitality of people and their communities. In doing so recognition is attributed to past generations, historical contexts, and connections to the land.

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Key information

Years: 1
Start Dates: Semester A (February) and Semester B (July)

Degree Planner

Degree planner — Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Poutū-manahau Population Health)

Poutū-manahau reflects our endeavours to revitalise the mana of our communities, to address health in ways that breathe life into hauora as practice.

Poutū-manahau Population Health uses a multidisciplinary approach to understanding hauora as practice, and to examine approaches that contribute to a health system which can revitalise the mana of our communities. Poutū-manahau Population Health embraces integrative knowledge of theories and analytical approaches (across psychology, health communication and engagement, sociology, economics, epidemiology, and Māori and indigenous studies) to understand, critique and design health initiatives, policies, practices, interventions and their outcomes.

  • Compulsory
  • Major
  • Elective

Degree planner — Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Poutū-māro Biomedical Sciences)

Poutū-māro represents resilience, flexibility, and our desire to seek and weave together knowledge that supports our capacity to balance all aspects of hauora.

Poutū-mārō Biomedical Sciences that takes a multi-faceted and applied approach to improving the hauora of our communities. It embraces an integrative approach to biomedical sciences (including genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, anatomy, infection and immunity, pathophysiology) alongside Mātauranga Māori, health communication, and bioethics to develop biomedical understandings and skills that will allow students to work across the health sector.

  • Compulsory
  • Major
  • Elective

Entry requirements

Applications are open to anyone with University Entrance or its equivalent.

For more information, contact our Future Students Team:

When you apply to enrol, select Certificate (Undergraduate) as your qualification.

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Further Study

A certificate makes a good year of study, but if you find yourself wanting more you'll have the option of crediting all of your papers towards a three-year Bachelors degree instead.


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