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PhD - Population Studies and Demography as a subject

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is awarded by the University for research carried out under the supervision of at least two staff members. A PhD can also be presented as a PhD with Publication or a PhD with a Creative Practice Component.

Population issues are among the most serious challenges that humanity faces in the 21st century. Population Studies and Demography at Waikato addresses contrasting issues among developed and developing countries, how governments are handling slowing population growth, and how others are dealing with legal and illegal migration and skill shortages. You'll explore how such issues impact on a country's environmental, economic and social patterns.

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Key information

Years: 3
Start Dates: The first day of any month from February to November
Estimated Fees* (Domestic): $6,800 - $7,221 per year
Estimated Fees* (International): $6,800 - $7,220 per year
Area of Study:
New Zealand resident International PhD students pay the domestic fee.

*Tuition fees shown above are indicative only and may change. There are additional fees and charges related to enrolment please see the Table of Fees and Charges for more information. You will be sent an enrolment agreement which will confirm your fees.

Career opportunities

  • Health Sector Analyst
  • Merchant Banker
  • Policy Analyst
  • Social Sciences Researcher
  • Teacher

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Prescriptions for the PhD

The Doctor of Philosophy is a three year research-based degree in which students undertake a programme of approved and supervised research that leads to a thesis which critically investigates an approved topic of substance and significance, demonstrates expertise in the methods of research and scholarship, displays intellectual independence and makes a substantial original contribution to the subject area concerned, and is of publishable quality.

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Graduate study options

Subject links

Te Ngira Institute for Population Research

Graduate and Postgraduate Admission and Requirements

Prescriptions for the PGCert(PopStud&Dem), PGDip(PopStud&Dem), BSocSc(Hons) and MSocSc

To complete a BSocSc(Hons) in Population Studies and Demography, students must gain 120 points at 500 level, including POPST509 (or equivalent) at least 30 points in research (normally POPST591) and at least 30 points from other POPST coded 500 level papers.

To be eligible to be considered for enrolment in the MSocSc in Population Studies and Demography, a student should have completed either:

a) a BSocSc in any discipline, have included at least one undergraduate Population Studies paper and have gained at least a B average in either the best three of their 300 level papers in their undergraduate major or all of their undergraduate papers in the major, or

b) a BSocSc(Hons) in Population Studies and Demography (or equivalent) and have gained at least a B average across all 500 level papers.

Completion requirements for the MSocSc in Populations Studies and Demography vary according to admission criteria.

Students admitted under a) above must complete 180 points from approved 500 level papers, including POPST509 (or equivalent) and 45 points from POPST coded papers, and either a 120 point thesis, a 90 point thesis or a 60 point dissertation.

Students admitted under b) above must complete a 120 point thesis, a 90 point thesis and a further 30 points from approved 500 level papers, or a 60 point dissertation and a further 60 points from approved 500 level papers.
To be considered for enrolment in a dissertation or thesis, all students must have completed at least 60 points from approved 500 level papers.

Enquiries about postgraduate programmes in Population Studies and Demography should be directed to the postgraduate advisor.


School of Social Sciences
Phone: 0800 800 145 or +64 7 838 4040
General and undergraduate email enquiries: [email protected]
Graduate and postgraduate email enquiries: [email protected]