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Graduate Certificate in Project Management

The Graduate Certificate in Project Management is a new qualification launching in February 2020. However, you can already enrol now in the first of four papers, SCMGT302-19T offered in November 2019.

Understand the practical realities of project management with this fully online qualification. Gain the expertise you need to become a dynamic project manager in almost any industry. Be equipped to plan and deliver projects from beginning to end, and work constructively with a wide range of people.

Our Graduate Certificate in Project Management will set you up with the specialist knowledge and tools needed to manage a wide range of projects, including the emerging 'gig economy'.

The drive for constant business innovation has led to increasing demand for qualified project managers to work in New Zealand and overseas, typically in sectors such as IT, government and consulting firms.

These agile professionals are responsible for effectively leading teams of people and delivering on all aspects of a new project, from planning and logistics through to finance and technology. Their task is to achieve outcomes that will add value to business and improve performance.

Pay for project managers varies greatly according to their experience and which industry they work in, but they can typically earn anywhere from $55,000 to $225,000 a year. (Source: Trade Me Salary Guide).

Who is this course suitable for?

The GradCertPM is a short, specialised qualification taught at an advanced undergraduate level; over 4 to 12 months.

The course is ideal for anyone who already has a bachelor's degree and wishes to broaden their skillset by adding another qualification that will help them stand out in the competitive job market - while enjoying the flexibility of online study.

It is also suitable for people already working in roles where project work is common, but who lack any relevant professional training in this field.

Our students have the opportunity to gain industry certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) or Microsoft by sitting an external exam to become a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM); offered at a subsidised rate.

What the course is like:

The course is delivered completely online using a leading-edge web platform, giving you the freedom to study from home, the beach, or anywhere you like! You can complete all four papers in as little as one trimester (four months), or study part-time at your own pace over a longer period.

Get to grips with the fundamental tools and techniques required to manage diverse projects, before developing your practical competencies through simulated real-world learning experiences.

The course consists of mini-lectures, short videos, readings, case studies, interactive activities, simulated projects, and much more. Students will receive a high level of web-based support if they have questions.

The GradCertPM has been carefully structured so that each paper builds on the knowledge of the previous one. This culminates in the final capstone paper where students can test their skills on a a practical, simulated project based on a real-world scenario. This paper pulls together many of the issues faced in managing actual projects.

Learn from the experts

Our academics at the University of Waikato have international research expertise in the field of project management. We have developed this course in consultation with practising project managers in New Zealand to ensure the content is up-to-date and industry-focused.

You'll be studying at Waikato Management School, which is ranked in the world's top 300 universities for Business & Management Studies (QS World University Subject Rankings 2019).

Apply to enrol

Key information

Entry Requirements:

A bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in any subject, with at least a B-minus grade average across the 300-level papers; or can demonstrate equivalent practical, professional or scholarly experience of an appropriate kind.

Months: 4 months (full-time) or 8-12 months (part-time)
Points: 60 points
Study Locations:Online
Start Dates: Trimester A (February), Trimester B (July), Trimester C (November)
Entry Requirements: Postgraduate International

Degree Planner

Degree planner — GradCert in Project Management

Required online (NET) papers

Fundamentals of Project Management

Project Management in Practice

Applied Project Management Project

  • Required paper
  • Capstone paper
This information is provisional and subject to change.

  • To enrol in the Graduate Certificate in Project Management, you must have completed a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in any subject. Normally you will need at least a B-minus grade average across the 300 level papers in your final year of study.
  • We advise students to complete the introductory paper MGSYS101 Integrated Thinking: Digital Business and Supply Chain Management; or an approved equivalent paper; or be able to demonstrate equivalent industry experience, before enrolling for the GradCertPM.
  • If you do not meet these requirements, you may still be considered for admission based on academic merit and relevant experience. Please speak to one of our advisors in the Management Student Centre if you are unsure.
  • To complete the GradCertPM, students must pass 60 points at 300 level in these four compulsory papers:
    • SCMGT302 Operations Management
    • PRMGT3xx Fundamentals of Project Management
    • PRMGT3xy Project Management in Practice
    • PRMGT3xz. Applied Project Management Project

Scholarships and prizes

New to Waikato? The International Excellence Scholarship is worth up to $10,000.

Visit our Scholarship Finder for information about possible scholarships

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Students will develop a wide range of skills and personal attributes through completion of the Graduate Certificate in Project Management:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the project management environment
  • Applied understanding of project management tools and techniques
  • Ability to observe, diagnose, think critically and creatively
  • Can identify new opportunities to add value to an organisation's performance
  • Be innovative and adaptable to change, with a good eye for detail
  • Able to identify risks and issues that could impact on projects, and apply a systems or holistic approach to solve problems
  • Have a clear understanding of project deliverables, and meet project goals on time
  • Understand how to develop and implement new business processes
  • Be able to manage budgets and project timelines
  • Able to work well under pressure, with strong organisational skills
  • Excellent skills in communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution
  • Strong leadership and decision-making skills
  • Ability to successfully manage relationships with senior leadership, key stakeholders and project team members.

Qualifications links

Project Management Institute - New Zealand chapter

  • In the first paper, Operations Management, students will develop a broad understanding of the typical business context, processes, concepts, issues and practices in which project management takes place, from both a strategic and operational perspective.
  • In the second paper, Fundamentals of Project Management, students will develop basic mastery of computer-based tools and techniques for managing projects, and gain hands-on experience of using them in realistic scenarios.
  • The third paper, Project Management in Practice, takes a practical approach to learning from case study examples of success and failure, both in New Zealand and overseas. Students will identify the challenges faced in real-world projects, with a strong emphasis on the human element of project management.
  • The fourth paper, Applied Project Management Project, allows students to apply everything they have learnt so far to a simulated real-world project.