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Master of Media and Creative Technologies

The Master of Media and Creative Technologies is designed to enhance the creative and technical scope of media designers, performers and creators. This degree will provide you with a distinct edge in an increasingly competitive media field nationally and globally.

The Master of Media and Creative Technologies (MMCT) allows you to choose from one of the four subjects available: Creative Practices, Creative Technologies, Screen and Media Studies (offered under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) and Māori Media and Communication (offered under the Faculty of Maori and Indigenous Studies). Each area offers you the opportunity to blend artistic and technical forms in new combinations.

Alongside taught papers, you will work on a year-long supervised programme where you will develop a major work (or works) that serves as the flagship of your graduate portfolio of creative works.

Study under the MMCT will give you extensive collaborative project experience which is supported by technical expertise and advanced creative skills. You will also benefit from substantial grounding in postgraduate academic practice and the deployment of critical and methodological skills in original research.

Industry Connections

This programme maintains strategic links with the broader New Zealand community at a number of levels, and we have close links with Hamilton City Council. Our staff members have strong links with international networks in media and creative technologies, and boast strong links with top ranked institutions in Asia, Europe, North America and within the Pacific region.

Career Opportunities

With an MMCT degree, you will be in demand from large private and public sector organisations where digital technologies now take a priority focus. There will also be a wide range of opportunities arising in commercial design and in the broader field of creative and performing arts. The degree will provide significant skill upgrades for those with professional backgrounds, while also giving younger learners aspiring to enter the creative professions an invaluable opportunity to develop portfolios of a professional standard.

Creative Practice Career Examples

Event Manager, Media Artist, Musician, Performing Artist, Scriptwriter

Creative Technologies Career Examples

Animation Artist, Audio-visual Technician, Digital Artist, Film or Television Editor, Interface Designer (information technology), Media Artist, Musician, Sound Designer, Web Designer

Māori Media and Communications Career Examples

Communications Officer, Director of Intercultural Communication, Film or Television Producer/Director, Higher Educationalist (in media, creative arts, technology), Performing Artist.

Screen and Media Studies Career Examples

Commercial Researcher (entertainment and communication), Communications Officer, Film or Television Producer/Director, Higher Educationalist

Māori Media & Communication

Studying Māori Media & Communication, under the Faculty of Maori and Indigenous Studies, offers you the opportunity to build on your understanding of the historical, political, cultural and social contexts in which media and communication practices develop and operate. The degree builds your understanding of traditional and contemporary forms of Māori communication through Māori media forms.

You will benefit from a substantial grounding in postgraduate academic practice and the deployment of critical and methodological skills in original research.

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Key information

Years: 1.5
Study Locations:Hamilton
Start Dates: Semester A (February) and Semester B (July)
Fees (Domestic): $6,748-$8,085 per year
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Fees (International): $30,695 (120 pts) or $46,045 (180 pts)
Entry Requirements: Postgraduate International
*Tuition fees shown are indicative only and may change. There are additional fees and charges related to enrolment please see the Table of Fees and Charges for more information. You will be sent an enrolment agreement which will confirm your fees.

Degree Planner

Following the successful completion of the BMCT you may apply for the Master of Media and Creative Technologies (MMCT). This degree is awarded with classes of honours. The MMCT involves three semesters of full-time study, or the equivalent in part-time study.

To be admitted to the MMCT, you must have completed a Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies (or equivalent) and have achieved a satisfactory grade average – normally a B average or better. You also need to have appropriate supervision arranged. Candidates who have completed a BMCT with a major in Design Media with an appropriate grade point average will be eligible for entry to Creative Technologies for the MMCT. Graduates of other undergraduate degrees who have majored in a relevant subject also may be eligible to enrol in the MMCT. Admission criteria may vary so please consult the appropriate programme Graduate Adviser for their specific criteria.

Admission to the MMCT requires the agreement of the Chair of School or Programme Convenor of the main subject or programme and agreement of the Dean of Arts and Social Sciences (or nominee).

* Māori Media and Communication, can be taken for the MMCT, but students must enrol through the School of Māori &  Pacific Development.
* Design Media is not currently available for the MMCT. However, students who have majored in Design Media in their undergraduate degree may enrol in Creative Technologies for the MMCT.

MMCT Regulations

Scholarships and prizes

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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences:
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MMCT Graduate Student Adviser

Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies:
Phone: + 64 7 838 4737

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