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Te Ara Hou Scholarship Campaign

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Apply for our Te Ara Hou Scholarship and you could receive $5,000 towards your postgraduate study this July. Hurry, the application deadline is June 24!

Uncertain times bring unforeseen changes, but this July you can take control of your future with the Te Ara Hou Scholarship.

Te Ara Hou is a fee scholarship for individuals returning to postgraduate study across various subject areas, including Business/Management, Education, Law, Social Sciences, Computer Science, and Arts.

If you are looking to retrain and reinvent, this scholarship is for you!


Permanent residents living in New Zealand, who intend to enrol into full or part-time study in one of the following programmes starting Monday 8 July 2024 (B Trimester), are eligible to apply for this scholarship opportunity.

This scholarship is not available to international students.

How to apply

For detailed information on how to apply, please refer to the Te Ara Hou Scholarship Regulations (PDF).

Closing date for applications is 24 June 2024.

Te Ara Hou Scholarship

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Te Ara Hou Scholarship or the application process, please email the Scholarships Team.