Where will a BBUS take you?

When you choose a degree, you're opening up countless new opportunities. Read about some of our successful students and recent graduates.

  • Shivoy Dudeja

    The smaller class sizes attracted me to Waikato. I get more time with my lecturers, which enhances my learning. All my lecturers know me by name and are always happy to help and answer questions.

  • Nick Ross

    Black Sticks hockey player Nick Ross credits the analytical and business skills he honed at Waikato Management School for securing a career at Fonterra that he enjoys so much.

  • Graeme Sutherland

    Marketing, Strategic Management
    I’d always been someone who knew exactly what I wanted to do; I had this path all tracked out for my life, and then suddenly one day boom it was all over, and I thought, what am I going to do?

  • Rachel (Jiaxin) Li

    Tourism and Hospitality Management
    “I’ve received a lot of support from the University, since the border restrictions meant I couldn’t study on campus, including problem-solving with my visa and my course choices,” says Rachel.

  • Molly McGregor

    Go for it! CUP and the student advisors have strengthened my decision to attain a higher education. The support systems at Waikato University are there to help you so bring your passion, your drive and a willingness to learn.

  • Hollie Waimatao Wilson

    Marketing, Strategic Management
    As the first person in her family to attend tertiary education, Hollie Waimatao Wilson never imagined going to university when she was younger. But now she’s had a taste of it, she’s ambitious for her future business career.

  • Nicole Davey

    Strategic Management
    I truly believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to have big dreams - hard work and having faith in your abilities will open the door to so many great opportunities.

  • Kristy Manley-Griffin

    Most of my life I’d been told that I have potential, but I always wondered what it was that I should really do. I remembered enjoying accounting at high school, because I’ve always been good with numbers, but I wasn’t focused enough academically at the time, so I put it on the backburner.

  • Kiriwaitingi Rei

    Māori Language/Te Reo Māori, Strategic Management
    I love how the University of Waikato continues to embrace kaupapa Māori and celebrate the Kīngitanga.

  • Wietske Olthuis

    Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management
    My studies gave me an array of skills across different aspects of management, from communication right through to finance. These can be applied to so many areas of everyday working life.

  • Kale Isaac

    Economics, Law
    The high calibre of academic programmes and lecturers was one of the primary reasons I chose to study here. Waikato is also very strong at promoting teamwork in a supportive environment.

  • Aleena Sutton

    Studying accounting provides you with many different options. It enables you to work in various branches of accounting and a wide range of industries. It’s also beneficial if you want to start up your own company or work in other areas of business.

  • Greg Pearce

    Finance, Management
    Greg Pearce has built America's Cup yachts, and worked on international aerospace and energy projects. But it took him 20 years to begin his tertiary education at the University of Waikato - and he certainly doesn't do things by halves.

  • Angus Macdonald

    Economics, Supply Chain Management
    Angus Macdonald will be saying adiós to New Zealand and 'hola' to Mexico, as the recipient of a Prime Minister's Scholarship to Latin America.

  • Brad Sherman

    Brad Sherman has been a gardener, a cook in a takeaway bar, exercised dogs for a pet motel, ushered at Chiefs rugby games, and tutored university students. Thanks to his BBA degree at Waikato, he's now employed as a consultant for Deloitte New Zealand.

  • Ryan Clark

    When contemplating which degree to take at uni after high school, Waikato Management School’s solid international reputation was what really stood out for Ryan Clark.

  • Tom Leslie

    Accounting, Chinese
    I wanted to study business because it’s an area that has always interested me; it opens the door to a lot of different career options. My family runs a logging business in Whangarei, and when I left high school I started up my own labour contracting business.