Where will a BCS take you?

When you choose a degree, you're opening up countless new opportunities. These stories from a few of our BCS students and alumni are just a glimpse.

  • Jacinda Ardern

    Public Relations
    Newly minted Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern completed a Bachelor of Communication Studies at Waikato Management School in 2001.

  • Libby Baron

    Public Relations
    Libby Baron is loving the opportunities and lifestyle in Queenstown since she graduated from a BCS degree at Waikato, majoring in public relations.

  • Lucas de Jong

    Public Relations
    With BBC World News, you're working on the biggest stories in the world. So I bounce around a bit, producing stories, editing, doing voice-overs, even overnight reporting. I really love being out in the field, seeing stories unfold in front of me.

  • James Forster

    Marketing, Public Relations
    On game day I get to go behind the scenes and meet all these high-profile rugby stars, which is pretty cool.

  • Emily Gallagher

    Marketing, Public Relations
    One minute I was learning how to write press releases in class, the next I was writing them in real life for the University!

  • Abbey Hilson

    Marketing, Public Relations
    Creating a real-life public relations campaign in third year was 100% the highlight of my BCS degree. We learnt how to deal with people, clients, deadlines, stress and all the things that come with working in the real world. It was a great stepping stone.

  • Courtney Stayte

    Public Relations
    Regular business trips to Melbourne, holding the Melbourne Cup Trophy and sampling food created by top celebrity chefs are just a few perks of the job for Bachelor of Communication Studies graduate Courtney Stayte.

  • Stevie Ward

    Human Resource Management, Marketing
    The presentation skills I gained at Waikato have helped me become more confident with presenting training to staff and conducting interviews.